If we talk about who is the best secret keeper -- without bragging it's me! Well, I'm not an angel and there is some situations when I have to reveal secret to protect person who means a lot to me. But overall, I do keep my mouth shut, because there is one proverb in Latvian - ''Runāšana sudrabs, klusēšana- zelts.'' which in English translates as - ''Talking is silver, silence- gold.'' and probably you know which of these metals are worth more. I've been through situations that have proved that this proverb I'm talking about is true! But today I'm talking about something else.. About secret that I kept away from you guys about week. Actually it all happened really spontaneous and till today I can't believe that I own new tattoo on my body! This time it's not something small, this time it's bigger and meaning of it- bigger as well. And I felt like it's time to share with you guys! 

I will also reveal some facts about my tattoo right now, because some of you might have some questions. I know that this is crown of King, not Queen. Well, at first my idea was Queens Elizabeth 2 crown. When I turned 16 years old, my parents gave me gift card from tattoo salon, (I really wanted tattoo back then) and my dad drawn wonderful Queen Elizabeth 2 crown with my name under it. Well, I didn't made that tattoo then and I lost that drawing as well.. So I started to search for photo to draw new crown. But I didn't found photo that I needed, so I started to check other crowns. I really liked King Umberto crown, so tattoo artist drawn almost similar crown like in photo I found. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of crown I could have on my body, what matters is that this crown symbolizes force & strength in me. It symbolizes that I'm Queen of my body, soul & heart. So whenever I look at my tattoo I always feel inspired! I feel good. Even though there was some of my friends who didn't like it, it doesn't matter because it's all just for me and myself. :) 

Any questions? And how about you? Do you have tattoo's // do you want some? Tell me!
Kisses <3 

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