Hey! How's life? Well.. I feel confused. Summer ended so quiet and quickly that right now I feel like I'm having moment after and before something which have no name - it's still summer but it's so cold and windy. And I hate wind! Whenever I go outside when it's windy my hair fly around my head and I'm definately looking like blonde Samara haha, also if I think something slight from my bag it will fly away from me and people will think that I'm contamine streets u know..  and it's always cold when it's windy.. Wind just irritates me. Even way more than people do sometimes..  Autumn is one windy month as well. It's wet, sad and nostalgic month. And after Fall comes Winter and it means that it will become cold outside and still cold in my little, sweet heart.. Oh, now you probably think what's wrong with me today. I'm in great mood friends and I really don't understand when summer ran away? Why so quickly? 

But in the other hand there is one reason why should I love Autumn.. Fall collection in stores! I don't even know but my favorite collection is fall collection (OK, it's more like I don't know because as much as I love Autumn I love Summer collections too) because finally I can wear black clothes without guilt, haha! Fall clothes to me associates with dark shades, plain lines & cut and also simple but significantly accents. Also, colors like mustard yellow, burgundy red and almond brown associates with Fall collection. This season Nelly.com have great Back To School campaign for Fall. Colors like black, white and red highlights this collection, classy & sassy skirts, fake fur jackets and stiletto pumps, big white jumpers.. Oh my oh, this collection is wonderful! Love it! So I decided to share with few photos from their site here in my blog - enjoy and tell me what do you wear when Autumn arrives?

Also Nelly.com have wonderful It's All About Denim collection! Had to share with you guys, because it's gorgeous! 

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