Yes, selfies & food! That's how I would describe ending of my summer. This week was colorful - three working days in a row, three anxiety attacks (great, just great! but I'm dealing with it fine), one wonderful day with my bestie - shopping, good food & talking to Spanish man which was so funny & friendly = a lot of fun together, making good food at home as well. That's how I spent this week so far, tomorrow I'm going to capital with family, after that we're going straight back home because I've to go to work and after I'm planning to go to ''Back to School'' party here in my village. And how do you do? :) 

Sister made delicious croissants for breakfast.. 

..even thought we had breakfast I made before! --> Bran bread with tomatoes, feta, pesto & basil, red onion. Spontaneous decision to put more love into food I eat! 

Creme brulee with Lāsma! <3 

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Kisses <3  


Here in Latvia right now it's feeling like Autumn is already here. I'm not happy about this fact for sure, but I'm happy about all the black clothes I'm going to wear this season! And this outfit is something I would definately wear - boyfriend jeans, right fitting black jumper and super cool Tory Burch purse - one comfy and just great outfit for September afternoons. I really like to wear dark clothes with just few expressed accessories like Ted Baker iPhone case & those gorgeous cut out ankle boots from ASOS which unfortunately are sold old. Are you ready for Autumn? 


''Take care of people who trust you because you've proved your friendship, take care of people who love & respect you. Don't think about people who are next to you today, without guarantee of shared future.'' - this quote have been in my phone for so long and whenever I feel down I read this again and again. I don't know why some things in my life is as complicated as they are. I don't know why do I keep losing my friends again & again. I don't know why my parents fight for so long. I don't know if I will graduate this year. I don't know why there is no love in my life. I don't know if I ever gonna be happy. But I know why do I keep smoking as much as I do. Stressed, tense, tired. That's how I feel after yesterdays anxiety which came so unexpectedly. I'm really tired and I feel down today. Also I feel like I'm going to be sick. Runny nose & headache as well. I'm drinking herbal tea & eating garlic to feel better because I've some plans for this week already. I hope I'll feel better soon, because mental health depends on physical health. I'm working with myself really hard last months! And I really don't want to stop right now, right here. I'm trying to say that- no matter how do I feel now I want to feel happy tomorrow. I want to feel pleased with my life and I don't feel ashamed if I feel bad today, because I'm gonna be happy someday, right? And also I'm not going to fake it, I'm true to myself and others, so I decided to share these emotions here today. :) #autumn_depression // And how are you feeling today? Tell me! I will be happy to talk with someone today. 



White delicate cardigan, pearls + nude Dolce& Gabbana large Sicily Tote.. Wonderfuly comfortable and chic outfit for chilly August! And how do you imagine perfect outfit for chilly days? Let me know! :) 


If we talk about who is the best secret keeper -- without bragging it's me! Well, I'm not an angel and there is some situations when I have to reveal secret to protect person who means a lot to me. But overall, I do keep my mouth shut, because there is one proverb in Latvian - ''Runāšana sudrabs, klusēšana- zelts.'' which in English translates as - ''Talking is silver, silence- gold.'' and probably you know which of these metals are worth more. I've been through situations that have proved that this proverb I'm talking about is true! But today I'm talking about something else.. About secret that I kept away from you guys about week. Actually it all happened really spontaneous and till today I can't believe that I own new tattoo on my body! This time it's not something small, this time it's bigger and meaning of it- bigger as well. And I felt like it's time to share with you guys! 

I will also reveal some facts about my tattoo right now, because some of you might have some questions. I know that this is crown of King, not Queen. Well, at first my idea was Queens Elizabeth 2 crown. When I turned 16 years old, my parents gave me gift card from tattoo salon, (I really wanted tattoo back then) and my dad drawn wonderful Queen Elizabeth 2 crown with my name under it. Well, I didn't made that tattoo then and I lost that drawing as well.. So I started to search for photo to draw new crown. But I didn't found photo that I needed, so I started to check other crowns. I really liked King Umberto crown, so tattoo artist drawn almost similar crown like in photo I found. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of crown I could have on my body, what matters is that this crown symbolizes force & strength in me. It symbolizes that I'm Queen of my body, soul & heart. So whenever I look at my tattoo I always feel inspired! I feel good. Even though there was some of my friends who didn't like it, it doesn't matter because it's all just for me and myself. :) 

Any questions? And how about you? Do you have tattoo's // do you want some? Tell me!
Kisses <3 



Hey! How's life? Well.. I feel confused. Summer ended so quiet and quickly that right now I feel like I'm having moment after and before something which have no name - it's still summer but it's so cold and windy. And I hate wind! Whenever I go outside when it's windy my hair fly around my head and I'm definately looking like blonde Samara haha, also if I think something slight from my bag it will fly away from me and people will think that I'm contamine streets u know..  and it's always cold when it's windy.. Wind just irritates me. Even way more than people do sometimes..  Autumn is one windy month as well. It's wet, sad and nostalgic month. And after Fall comes Winter and it means that it will become cold outside and still cold in my little, sweet heart.. Oh, now you probably think what's wrong with me today. I'm in great mood friends and I really don't understand when summer ran away? Why so quickly? 

But in the other hand there is one reason why should I love Autumn.. Fall collection in stores! I don't even know but my favorite collection is fall collection (OK, it's more like I don't know because as much as I love Autumn I love Summer collections too) because finally I can wear black clothes without guilt, haha! Fall clothes to me associates with dark shades, plain lines & cut and also simple but significantly accents. Also, colors like mustard yellow, burgundy red and almond brown associates with Fall collection. This season Nelly.com have great Back To School campaign for Fall. Colors like black, white and red highlights this collection, classy & sassy skirts, fake fur jackets and stiletto pumps, big white jumpers.. Oh my oh, this collection is wonderful! Love it! So I decided to share with few photos from their site here in my blog - enjoy and tell me what do you wear when Autumn arrives?

Also Nelly.com have wonderful It's All About Denim collection! Had to share with you guys, because it's gorgeous! 


I think I've mentioned so many times that I love to dress simple. Simple light blue jeans + beautiful yellow jacket. And few more accents like gorgeous but simple jewelry and clutch with floral accents on it. Outfit for days when you want to look gorgeous yet simple! And also a little bit solemny. So here is the look I made on polyvore. What do you think?



Well, last week was just wonderful! Everything went wonderful and I hope that my dear followers feels great as well because I feel amazing! ''Less drama = less negative emotions'' <-- It works! So I'm trying to think positive and less about people who I should not think about. I'm not going to write down everything I did because I'm too tired, three working days in a row.. So today I'm sharing few photos from last week :) Enjoy.

Best friend ever. Wait. She's not a friend, she's more like family member and person who I love. People come and people go, she's not my friend - she's more than that.

Morning coffee before going to the beach! <3 With a cute tea spoon which have small drawing of building in Riga on it.

Recently there was amazing giveaway made by Madara in which I participated in and also won! Thank you Madara, bag is great and I'm really happy about it! :) 

Ceasar salad <3 I could live by eating only this and creme brulee as well haha

Shopping time! ''New in'' post soon!!
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Kisses <3 <3



..If it comes easy, it isn't real! Lately I've been thinking about struggle in life. It is something we can't avoid but in some ways struggle is needed in life. We need struggle because it is signal which warns us like ''Wake up darling! Do something to get out of this hole of darkness.'' As we all know that after rain comes sun, after bad always come good. So it's logical that after struggle we're ready to fight for a life we dream about! It took years and tears until understand that I won't gonna be unhappy all my life and sometimes bad times teach you so many thing about yourself, your family and friends - how they treats you when you feel down. All life is learning how to be in harmony with yourself. :) All I'm trying to say: no matter what keep going! Enjoy moments of struggle - prove yourself that you can be happy no matter what! Because I believe you can be the best! 

Enjoy last month of summer! Hope sun is going to shine all the time!
Dress from ASOS // H&M necklase
Kisses :)