Hello everyone! Past days have been really busy. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of summer, even when it's +30 degrees by celsium. I love this weather! Weather forecaster says that August is going to be even hotter than July. There will be days when it's going to be +36,4 degrees by celsium. I can't wait! :) So today I'm going to share with few photos from last week. Let's go!

Few moments of Positivus. Drinking shitty wine // The 1975 // You me at six 

Did I mentioned that after my baby girl left home we got another kitten? This little boy went trough severe shock when he first saw humans. It took so long to get friends with him but we did it! When I got back home from Positivus he was so happy to see me! But as we already have two cats we had to find home for this little boy and few days ago this baby left us. Family with one kid took him, hope his going to be fine at his new home!

Saturday we celebrated our cousins birthday at her home. I had some great time. Later that night I went to see my friends and we chilled together. Great but also calm night!

Sunday I went to the beach with my dad, sister & brother. Water was soooo warm. Oh my oh, paradise! 

One more photo from Rundales palace. I can't describe how wonderful that place is.

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4 komentāri:

  1. Such beautiful pictures! :) And yes, this july has been even too hot.

    1. Thank you Yana! July have been really hot, but I love this weather! <3

  2. Great pictures, looks like you have had amazing time :) weather looks lush, love your blog xx


    1. Thank you Regina! It always feels great when I read your comments! :)