SH#T! I'm sick, again.

Hello! How is it going? Well, my situation is fucked up. I'm so sick! Yesterday night when I went home after my best (best of the best, to notice) friends 18th birthday party I went straight to bed. And somehow I started to feel worse. I woke up in an hour, checked clock and it repeated all night. I thought that I'm burning, my stomach pain almost killed me, I felt like my head is going to blow & it was so hard to move. In the  morning I took so many drugs, ate half of  banana (worst breakfast ever - it took so long to eat that banana) and went to work. After few hours I started to feel so bad that I thought - shit (!), I've to go home immediately. After another dosage of drugs I went to my bed, slept few hours and woke up still feeling like shit. Also my bones and ear hurt like hell, so I drank some drugs and ate dinner. After that I felt way more better but my stomach did not = so I went to my bed again. Slept all night and woke up early this morning - finally felt like I'm not going to die. If not my headache & continuous stomach pain I would love to go outside and enjoy lovely weather today. I hope I'm going to feel way more better tomorrow and I will be able to visit doctor as well. Also this is not the only problem I got right now, something is going on and I really don't like it. Can't talk about it here, but I hope that it's going to be fine soon. And how about you? I hope you all had great weekend - tell me about it, what have you done? :)

Selfie!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, lots of love to all of my readers <3

6 komentāri:

  1. Cerams ka drīz viss sliktums pāries!!Veseļojies!!:)

    1. Es arī ļoti ceru, ārā tik lieliski laikapstākļi, savukārt man tie iet garām nebaudīti. Paldies! :)

  2. Get better! :O Hope is all gone by now...