My little baby leaves home

Hi! Past days have been so hot! Weather is just lovely! I went to the beach yesterday and other day we with friends had spontaneous trip to capital city with one of our friends cabriolet! Amazingly fun time together. Also yesterday I spent night at my best girls place because of personal problems. And today isn't my day because again - I hate being home, because I don't feel like home here. Also, I can't leave for too long. But what ever, today is not bad because of me & my problems. My little baby who finally came home last week is leaving tonight! Oh, she was so little and cute, when we first saw her and also scared because she had never before seen humans. Day by day she lived here with us, she explored our home and started to get friendly with us. When she wanted to play with us she came to us, she wasn't scared anymore. Also she always came to sleep next to me or had nooning on my belly. She was my little sweetheart and tonight I'm going to give her away to my friend & her boyfriend. At least I know them well and I will know that she's fine! Now we're cuddling and I'm waiting for owners to come after her. It's so hard, I love her so much. :( 

4 komentāri:

  1. Žēl, protams, tādu jaukumiņu dot prom, bet vismaz viņa būs labās mājās pie labiem saimniekiem :)

    1. Par cik labākā draudzene ar savu otro pusīti paņēma aizbildniecībā, tad šaubu nav, ka mincīte nonākusi labās rokās! :)