It's such a weird feeling when it's raining outside when I've used to see blue sky only and sun is burning my skin. Also raining means that I'm not going to leave my house today and that's sad. I really don't like spend worthless time at home watching TV, etc which means that I could workout but I'm to lazy for that (f#cking hate myself sometimes) so I think I'm going to make tea and read a book about success. And if I finally will read that book I've plenty more to read about self-alignment and stuff like that. And if we talk about books - can you recommend some good book about this topic? 



Don't you hate going to beach with bag full of things which you don't even use? Like big old hair brush, hundreds of sunscreen products and others. Well, I don't know about you but it's something I hate about going to beach. Heavy bag on my shoulder which also looks like it's going to explode. So I decided to create set which includes just few things I need. And also cute photo of Los Angeles :) What do you think? 



Hello everyone! Past days have been really busy. I'm trying to enjoy every moment of summer, even when it's +30 degrees by celsium. I love this weather! Weather forecaster says that August is going to be even hotter than July. There will be days when it's going to be +36,4 degrees by celsium. I can't wait! :) So today I'm going to share with few photos from last week. Let's go!

Few moments of Positivus. Drinking shitty wine // The 1975 // You me at six 

Did I mentioned that after my baby girl left home we got another kitten? This little boy went trough severe shock when he first saw humans. It took so long to get friends with him but we did it! When I got back home from Positivus he was so happy to see me! But as we already have two cats we had to find home for this little boy and few days ago this baby left us. Family with one kid took him, hope his going to be fine at his new home!

Saturday we celebrated our cousins birthday at her home. I had some great time. Later that night I went to see my friends and we chilled together. Great but also calm night!

Sunday I went to the beach with my dad, sister & brother. Water was soooo warm. Oh my oh, paradise! 

One more photo from Rundales palace. I can't describe how wonderful that place is.

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Hello! It's so hot outside! I went to sunbathe a little bit and enjoyed some fun in pool we have here at home. Also today I'm babysitting (well.. no I'm not babysitting because they're old enough to do whatever they want) my cousins. I haven't seen my friends since I went home after Positivus (ok, we met each other day after festival) but it's ok, I'm trying to enjoy myself. Yesterday I went for a walk all alone. Just me and my music. And if we're talking about music and friends => Positivus!! Positivus was my first festival ever (!!) so I didn't expect ANYTHING! And I'm so grateful, that somehow I've learned to calm down and enjoy moments of life. So when we arrived Friday it was really hot outside. I was all sweaty but excited because I knew that party just have begun. Also Saturday was hot, but we with my bestie Lāsma went to shower which was cheaper than showers they had in festival. Whatsoever, at least Sunday was not that hot.. For a moment. It started to rain and it was so windy! Also it was really cold after rain, but when we went to the festival territory it was warm & sunny again. ok, let's stop talking about weather -> we met few new people, we met people we already knew; we danced, we kissed, we smoked, we're drunk, we're happy & mad, we're ourselves and we're crazy. I enjoyed You me at six, Ellie Goulding, The Velvet Supernova (group from Latvia, which me & my friends love!) Bastille and The 1975!!! Well, fuck, now I know what means fangirling. Sure I loved them before I knew that they're going to be at Positivus and sure I was fan then, but when they came on the stage I yelled like crazy!! It's most amazing feeling to see someone so close when you've dreamed about it for so long.. ok, I'm becoming too banal. Overall, they had the best show (in my eyes) and I'm sure that in future I'm going to see them live again! Also I lost my phone during festival but I got it back thanks to the woman who found it and kept it till I came for it! *Thank you again if you're read ing this but I'm sure that you're not reading this* And from now I know that Positivus - it's going to be tradition! No matter what I want to be there every year. 

Just 2 photos from Positivus. Hope that few more are coming!



Heeeeeey! How is it going readers? I'm feeling wonderful! I'm happy, somehow still excited even thought Positivus is over. I hope that everyone here knows about what I'm talking about! And if you don't know about what I'm talking about don't worry! I'm going to share with some photos and stories from there soon. Here is few more photos from Rundales palace which was taken last week! 

Photos by my sister @ Rundales palace // Wearing dress & sandals from Zara, Ted Baker clutch and Olivia Burton watch.


Leaving home for few days a.k.a Positivus

Hey! How is it going? I hope everything is good. Last days have been really filled with planning, meeting friends, etc. I met close friend to me, she doesn't live here in Latvia so each meeting is long and wonderful! Also yesterday I went to Rundales palace to enjoy lovely french garden they have there and hundreds of roses which bloomed. I really love to visit Rundale palace, we always have great time there. This time we decided to enjoy boat trip in the pond next to palace. But today I've to meet my girls for a little talk. We're going to Positivus tomorrow which is biggest festival here in Latvia! Can't wait! Going to see The 1975! And even though I bought ticket to festival just yesterday I still can't believe that I'm going to be there tomorrow. So see you soon guys! I hope that I'm going to be home about Monday afternoon. // And how about you? What do you do and what kind of festivals do you visit? Let me know! 

Photo by my sister @ Rundales palace // Wearing dress & sandals from Zara, Ted Baker clutch and Olivia Burton watch.


My little baby leaves home

Hi! Past days have been so hot! Weather is just lovely! I went to the beach yesterday and other day we with friends had spontaneous trip to capital city with one of our friends cabriolet! Amazingly fun time together. Also yesterday I spent night at my best girls place because of personal problems. And today isn't my day because again - I hate being home, because I don't feel like home here. Also, I can't leave for too long. But what ever, today is not bad because of me & my problems. My little baby who finally came home last week is leaving tonight! Oh, she was so little and cute, when we first saw her and also scared because she had never before seen humans. Day by day she lived here with us, she explored our home and started to get friendly with us. When she wanted to play with us she came to us, she wasn't scared anymore. Also she always came to sleep next to me or had nooning on my belly. She was my little sweetheart and tonight I'm going to give her away to my friend & her boyfriend. At least I know them well and I will know that she's fine! Now we're cuddling and I'm waiting for owners to come after her. It's so hard, I love her so much. :( 


SH#T! I'm sick, again.

Hello! How is it going? Well, my situation is fucked up. I'm so sick! Yesterday night when I went home after my best (best of the best, to notice) friends 18th birthday party I went straight to bed. And somehow I started to feel worse. I woke up in an hour, checked clock and it repeated all night. I thought that I'm burning, my stomach pain almost killed me, I felt like my head is going to blow & it was so hard to move. In the  morning I took so many drugs, ate half of  banana (worst breakfast ever - it took so long to eat that banana) and went to work. After few hours I started to feel so bad that I thought - shit (!), I've to go home immediately. After another dosage of drugs I went to my bed, slept few hours and woke up still feeling like shit. Also my bones and ear hurt like hell, so I drank some drugs and ate dinner. After that I felt way more better but my stomach did not = so I went to my bed again. Slept all night and woke up early this morning - finally felt like I'm not going to die. If not my headache & continuous stomach pain I would love to go outside and enjoy lovely weather today. I hope I'm going to feel way more better tomorrow and I will be able to visit doctor as well. Also this is not the only problem I got right now, something is going on and I really don't like it. Can't talk about it here, but I hope that it's going to be fine soon. And how about you? I hope you all had great weekend - tell me about it, what have you done? :)

Selfie!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, lots of love to all of my readers <3


JULY 2014

Oh my oh. It's already July. What happened? It feels like when I yesterday woke up it was first June but today it's 2nd July. Why summer has to be so short and this year it's cold & rainy so far. I want to go to beach and have wonderful tan; I want to have trips with friends & family; I want to party with my friends and have no worries about how I will feel tomorrow (not because of hangover, but my knees always hurt if I've been going home when it's cold outside) & I really want to dress like it's summer. Why the hell I bought new swimsuit? I want to wear swimsuit under simple white t-shirt and blue shorts, I want to feel free and good. At least I hope that July will come with great weather, new people and plans, measures & festivals!