A little bit of poetry.

Well, I've always been amazed how time passes by so fast. I remember that I used to write about it on blog everytime when springtime changed into summertime. I writed about how amazing every month is. And somehow I stopped. Probably it's because I'm really busy lately & I'm trying to update blog as an fashion & lifestyle blogger, not poetry blogger or what. Also, I avoid sharing with my problems -- silence doesn't mean that I don't have any problems with family or friends. Sometimes it seems that it will never be good between me and others. But I've to say, that keeping my mouth shut isn't something bad. I talk with who I want to. I respond to people, who I want to respond. And as long as person don't see what's wrong to us, it will always be silence between us. Silence, about which we'll forgot and then we'll realize that we're just people who used to know each other. And it's going to be good like it is. No matter what we've been trough. We'll be just somebody who we used to know. 

Funny or not, but it's the same with seasons. For example summer- no matter is it silent night, hot summer afternoon, or rainy monday morning. I don't talk to summer, I don't ask for sunny afternoon, silent morning or rainy night. I just like summer as it is. There is silence between me & summer. And I forgive her for everyday which I wanted to be diffirent than it decided to be. 

I'm sure, nobody understands my poetry, right? Well, it's okay. I just had to talk about my feelings a little bit. Right now I'm having coffee. I just came home from exam which I almost overslept. Also, I feel like shit because I'm having headache and abdominal pain. So I'm going to have some chill pills & other drugs to soothe. And then I'm going to have quick shower, get ready & see my friend because we're going to neighbouring city. Have a wonderful day and enjoy SUMMER 2014! It's going to be amazing! 

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