Simple, black dress from ASOS

Hello! How is it going? I hope you're fine! Recently I ordered new dress from ASOS. I wanted something simple and as usual something black to wear for going out. And also something comfy. So I decided that this dress will be the one! When it came yesterday I was happy about it. Maybe little bit smaller size would fit me better, but overall I really love open back & plain fabric. Also this dress was cheap and right now it have discount,  if you're interested - click here! Here is photo from ASOS homepage, but I'm sure that you will see photos with it on me. So, what do you think? Let me know!



Flowers & Fireworks

Flowers and Fireworks was song which was played when I graduated and family & friends of mine came to me to congratulate me with flowers. Graduation day is one of the best days. Everybody is happy, everything is good. Friday I went to graduation to congratulate few of my friends. Wow! I can't believe that next summer I'm going to be there again and graduate. And talking about flowers & summer here is photo of me (of course I'm having fun, if you look closer you can see me making duckface, hihihi) which my sister took recently. Look at that white rose bush, oh -- such a beauty! Too bad that roses wilted already because they would look great in Midsummer crown. I hope that everybody had great time celebrating Midsummer, I'm going to celebrate tomorrow! 


Massive gold chain

Hello! How is it going? I hope you're fine. Recently I went to shopping, this time I even made list of things I need to buy, but somehow I didn't found what I wanted or if I found something I wanted then it was out of my size. I've to say that I don't know how it is to come home without anything new, haha.. So I bought new swimsuit & gorgeous bracelets from H&M. Here is photo of these things, also I'm showing my new necklase which is from H&M as well. I really like it, it's massive but unfortunately it broke already. I don't know how, I just woke up after crazy party and it was broken... Well, I think I just solved this mystery.. What do you think? 

Everything from H&M 


 I know that lately blogging isn't about fashion but more about my life. It's like ''Hey, I'm sorry because I haven't updated blog for a while, my life sucks but I'm fine'' -- Lately I feel good. I've so many free time which I rather spend with my friends than be home alone (Well, I'm not alone, but the only person with who I talk is my sister and actually we don't talk to much anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's just diffirently) and watch TV. I love to meet my friends, I love weather outside even it's raining today, I love those spontaneous moments which happen when you just go outside and live your life. You can never know where life will take you. Even though yesterday was not so good day *also today isn't* because of all the sh!t I did and all the sh!t I wanted to keep inside of me, I'm trying to be happy. To be happy every-f#cking-day. Today is one of these days when all I hear in my head is - struggle with it. So, I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, I'm fine and I'm going to update blog more often! :)
Today I wanted to share with few photos I've taken recently (exception: the last one photo- it's from Cyprus)! 




Hello! Long time no see, as usual. Well, I'm sorry. Last week was huge- work hard, play hard! Haha! I had so much work to do and also I met my best friend everyday, helped her at work (*laws cigarettes on the shelf* best job ever, haha), went to neighboring city to have a blast but unfortunately the only club they had there was closed, at least we had our own driver (unexpected) and went home early. It was amazingly good week for me, somehow I arranged my to do list and did everything except blogging. Today I'm going to capital city, to meet my friend there and shop a little bit. At least I hope I will go. :) And how about you? What do you do? :)

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A little bit of poetry.

Well, I've always been amazed how time passes by so fast. I remember that I used to write about it on blog everytime when springtime changed into summertime. I writed about how amazing every month is. And somehow I stopped. Probably it's because I'm really busy lately & I'm trying to update blog as an fashion & lifestyle blogger, not poetry blogger or what. Also, I avoid sharing with my problems -- silence doesn't mean that I don't have any problems with family or friends. Sometimes it seems that it will never be good between me and others. But I've to say, that keeping my mouth shut isn't something bad. I talk with who I want to. I respond to people, who I want to respond. And as long as person don't see what's wrong to us, it will always be silence between us. Silence, about which we'll forgot and then we'll realize that we're just people who used to know each other. And it's going to be good like it is. No matter what we've been trough. We'll be just somebody who we used to know. 

Funny or not, but it's the same with seasons. For example summer- no matter is it silent night, hot summer afternoon, or rainy monday morning. I don't talk to summer, I don't ask for sunny afternoon, silent morning or rainy night. I just like summer as it is. There is silence between me & summer. And I forgive her for everyday which I wanted to be diffirent than it decided to be. 

I'm sure, nobody understands my poetry, right? Well, it's okay. I just had to talk about my feelings a little bit. Right now I'm having coffee. I just came home from exam which I almost overslept. Also, I feel like shit because I'm having headache and abdominal pain. So I'm going to have some chill pills & other drugs to soothe. And then I'm going to have quick shower, get ready & see my friend because we're going to neighbouring city. Have a wonderful day and enjoy SUMMER 2014! It's going to be amazing! 

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Good morning guys. *yawn* I just ate so good & healthy breakfast - ciabatta with cream cheese and avacado, tomato, cucumber & paprica salad with balsamic creamy sauce. Yum. I've to say, that I needed something healthy to start this week right. Now I'm going to tidy up my room because it's so messy. Oh my God, sometimes I can't believe that I'm a girl. Haha. Also I should brush my hair because I look like crazy old cat woman. Yep. I do. What else can I say - I had great weekend with friends. Also I went to work yesterday, so I feel like it was productive week for me. School is over. Summer is here. And it's pretty cold outside and I haven't seen sun for days. I hope it will get warmer soon!

Parasailing @ Cyprus.