Weekend and other adventures!

Hello! Long time no see. Again. I'm sorry. I was really busy last week - stayed at best friend's place for a night, had a trip with classmates, which longed two days, also enjoyed some time with friends & went to work as well. I had morning shift, then I went to capital city with my sister to enjoy shopping with our aunt, then we went to restaurant (called 32.Augusts) to have dinner and our evening ended up drinking cocktails at aunt's place. In the morning we went to downtown to enjoy brunch together. Oh, wow - brunch @ Skyline bar! I recommend to have a brunch there, if you're ever visiting Riga or live there - visit Skyline bar, you won't be disappointed! After our brunch we went home because I had evening shift and I had to be at work in time. And weather all these days was just lovely! I love this summer weather. So today I'm going to share with photos from my Instagram, if you don't follow me - check my Instagram content below or follow me here!

Lunch with my best friend, wiuwiu. I loooove sushi BUT this time I was a little bit disappointed because they was so disorderly scattered on plate and they wasn't similar to each other. At least they was delicious and I felt fed. Yum.

Trip with classmates! We stayed at the campground which was located 300 meters from the sea. After dinner together we had some drinks & watched sunset together. Fun night!

Dinner @ restaurant 32.Augusts. I loved atmosphere there. And food was delicious as well.

Brunch @ Skyline bar! I loved that place! View of Riga city from 26th floor and amazingly good brunch which includes mimosa!!! (Cost about 20 Euros per person BUT you live only once and it's worth it!) 

Macaroon time! Yum! :)

And how did you spend your weekend? Or how would you recommend to spend it? Let me know!

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  1. Es tagad iešu meklēt kko savā ledusskapī,jo tu mani sakārdināji :D


    1. Haha, ceru, ka iedvesmoju tevi pagatavot kaut ko ļoooti gardu! :D :)