Whoah. I can't believe that my body gave up on me, ha-ha.. I already said that recently I felt really strange and I really didn't realize what is going on. Yesterday night I was ready to meet my friend to hang out but halfway to meet her I realized that I can't breathe and I felt just horrible. I felt so f#cking weak that I had to call her and said that I'm sorry but I'm going home. I went home and mom gave me some chill pill, I don't even know what she gave me but at least I felt better. Mom said that it's stress + VD. Sure it is. My body, again, gave up on me. And I'm so pissed off because summer is coming and I have so many things to do, also I have to go to work and work hard, so I can play hard but how the f#ck should I play hard if when I could, I can't breath and feel like I will faint? Any recommendations how to make myself feel better, m? Guys, share with me please! 

I hope you all had amazing weekend and also I wish sunny & warm working week which starts tomorrow for you all! :) 

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