Plimsolls from ASOS

Oh, wow! I haven't post anything on blog about 2 weeks already. Shame on me. I'm sorry. The main reason why I don't post anything here is that I work on weekends and I'm trying to maintain my social life too.. haha, so I don't have time to update blog. Also school is driving me nuts, I've so many things to do and as usual I don't have time for anything, because I love myself too and for me it's way more important to sleep well than do homework :D Few days ago I felt like it's time to get back on track! I checked how many posts I've missed on bloglovin'.. Yeah, about 200. I didn't read single one of them. But as today I'm at home, I will read some of them and also share with some 'new in post' here on blog. I've great mood today even though I'm sick. I felt so horrible yesterday, I've never felt like this before. I was so scared that I'm going to die, because I swear I haven't felt like this ever before. Today I feel better and I'm in good mood, thanks to God.

I'm sure that my followers remember this post when I was disappointed that something that I wanted for so long isn't available anymore. I was talking about these beautiful plimsolls from ASOS! I had them in my ASOS wishlist page and everyday I checked if they have been back in stock and one day miracle happened and they was back in stock! I immediately ordered them. I really love them even though they're so uncomfortable.. Haha. What do you think?

And how about you? Have you ever bought the most beautiful shoes on the world but at the same they have been your biggest disappointment? Let me know!

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  1. Esmu pārsteigta - kā šāda tipa kurpes var būt neērtas ?! :( tas vēl būtu piedodams kādām augstpapēžu kurpēm..vakar gandrīz nopirku šī paša modeļa bet ar leoparda rakstu kurpes, kaut kas atturēja, laikam intuīcija nostrādāja.. bet tā jau skaistas bez gala!:)

    1. Izmērs īstais, bet pašas kurpes ļoti grūti ievalkāt, jo tās ir cietas un tieši tāpēc tik neērtas. Varbūt tā ir ASOS vaina, es pat nezinu, jo man pašai agrāk bija šāda tipa kurpes un tās bija vienas no mīļākajām tieši sava ērtuma dēļ. Neliela vilšanās, bet gan jau kārtīgi ievalkāšu un būs labi! :)

  2. Atbildes
    1. I totally agree! The bad thing is that these plimsolls are really uncomfortable :(

  3. cute :) love anything floral :)


  4. They are sooo pretty!

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog!