It's the best feeling when I wake up happy, but this morning.. I'm not in a bad mood but my head is full of worries. Last days have been.. Crazy. Long story short - I had a chance to go to Turkey but I've to study and go to school as it's just month left; Yesterday I with my friends went to sports stadium opening which was actually exciting & great measure; Also yesterday I with few people who attend drama class hosted the event at our school and it was something I did for the first time. After event I felt really bad and alone so I met with my friend Zane for some little talk and smoke. Oh whatsoever, seems that I will never get over this habbit and f#ck it. Sorry! And today is also big day for me, but I'm going to tell about it later, so yeah lately I've been really worried and tired as well. It feels like I'm sinking but from this moment I'm not showing these feelings to anyone. And I'm going to be fine! I'm having holidays right now so I will try to update blog if I will have some time! 

And how about you? Tell me how is it going?

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  1. remember, crazy people are wonderful! :D

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  2. Ceru, ka Tev viss veiksmīgi atrisināsies un nebūs vairāk tā jāraizējas! :)
    Izbaudi garās brīvdienas!


    1. Viss kārtībā, paldies par laba vēlējumiem! :) Paldies!!