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Hello! How is it going? I'm fine. It's so hot & sunny outside, I just love this weather! Time by time it starts to rain a little bit, but it's OK, because after few minutes it's sunny again. Weather is just lovely. Right now I'm having some afternoon snack time - green tea & cantuccini, yum. Later, I'm going to see my best friend, we have some serious business things to talk about. 

Today I decided to show you guys my favorite beauty products which I've been using lately. I haven't talked about beauty products in my blog for a long time, but this time I just had to share because some of these products are so good! At least I think so! :) 

1. Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY //  About: The original evokes timeless beauty and elegance, while the new edition turns to young women and emphasizes naturalness, self-confidence and charm. The composition is floral - fruity, opening with notes of bergamont, red berries and peach Bellini. The perfume's core includes flowers of peony, pink lily and jasmine. The base is velvety due to accords of sandalwood, musk & vanilla blossom. // I already told you about this product yesterday.. But my love for this perfume is just too strong and I need to say it one more time - I love it! I felt so good when I sprayed it on me, it's just perfection!
2. Olay Regenerist Night renewal elixir // I really like this product. It has pleasant texture and little glitters in it, how cute isn't it, hihi? My skin looks so good and it's so soft after using this about month! 
3. Carmex Cherry lip balm // Well, I've used so many lips balms in my entire life and I know a lot about them. Because I really care about my lips and it's important to take care of them. Right now I use 3 lip balms: One of them is hiding in my bed under the pillow, so I always use it before I'm going to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. The another one is always in bag. And the third one is this little savior who is always with me! I really love it's scent and texture. I remember how friend of mine gave her Carmex to me to try it out in school, and I felt in love immediately! :) 
4. Anatomicals Sud the lot of you mango and papaya body cleanser // Gosh. It's so gooooood. I love package & just whole product! Smells like paradise. At least I think that paradise should smell like this body cleanser. Also funny package is something I love - it has sticker on it which says : The World Stinks. I don't! 

Also I decided to share with both of these beauty products which I enjoy so much that I had to buy more if they're going to be out of stock someday soon, haha
5. Oriflame Feminelle deodorant // Well, I'm not going to talk about this one too much as it's for intimate use. I can say that scent is just.. So good. I love scent of it! It's so soft, fresh and just lovely! 
6. AVON maxi tan enhancing oil spray // I got it already in summer 2013. Again, it was love at first sight. It's really good if you want to be tanned as hell but sun isn't so friendly with your skin -- NO, it's not healthy spray which will protect your skin (it even don't have SPF) but if it's hard to you to get your tan then this product will help you! :) 

And what about your fav beauty products? Share with me!

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