DIY cute beauty stuff holder

Hello. Today I decided to share with DIY post. But I've one problem. I don't know how to call that thing I just made. So let it be, let it be.. Cute beauty stuff holder! It was so easy to make, even though it don't look as perfect as I imagined before I started to work. But overall I think it looks really cute and finally there won't be that plastic & cheap looking thing on my working table. So this is my idea of cool looking beauty stuff holder: 

So this is that ugly beauty stuff holder about which I was talking about. And then I had idea that I could do some makeover to make it look like something I would love to see on my desk. 

--> I used: Hot glue gun, glue sticks, plastic cup, cotton rope and paper knife, also
beauty magazine on which I cut rope and held the hot glue gun. I used magazine because I didn't wanted to damage my working table. 

Step 1 --> Squeeze hot glue on plastic cup on the bottom and put a rope on. Keep going -> first hot glue, then put a rope on glue and remember to force rope a little bit. 

Step 2 --> Repeat first step until your almost done.

Step 3 --> When you're almost done, ehem, don't stop! Wrap rope around plastic cup top and glue the end of rope, so it won't gonna come undone (You can never know what will happen with your beauty stuff holder, so work hard) 

Step 4 --> Finally! The bottom of plastic bottle. Start to wrap rope around your plastic bottle. Make it look like circle. 

And this is how it should look. 

And this is how it looks right now! Such a cute beauty stuff holder, right? :)
I'm sorry if you didn't understand something, I've to say that making these DIY posts isn't as easy as it seems. I can't find so many words to describe the process. If you need some help comment below and I will help you!


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  1. what a great idea,i love it:) thanks for sharing,i'm totally gonna try this :)

  2. Tiešām lieliska ideja, ļoti skaisti!!!:)

  3. aww how cute! i think i will try this out too :)

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  4. I will check out your blog for sure. I hope you will try this idea! :)

  5. Ļoti patīk šis DIY, tāpēc ka vienkāršu, neizteiksmīgu lietu pārvērti interesantā interjera dizaina elementā! :)