Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty

Hi! I recently got home from work! I went to see my best friend who work across the road. (We're like colleagues, haha, but not officially) We had short conversation, she made delicious strawberry milk shake for me and then I went home! Oh, it's so wonderful feeling to get in the shower and relax a little bit, rest from people who have been around me all day. I'm not meaning that people annoys me, but just few minutes to be alone with myself and I'm back to life! Also what can be better than Anatomicals sud the lot of you mango & papaya body cleanser? Fantastic scent! So right now I'm ready to get in my bed and rest. Aw--yeah! 

But before I get in my bed I wanted to say something! Finally CK Sheer Beauty perfume is mine! I just can't wait for that moment, when I will spray Sheer Beauty all over me and enjoy that beautiful scent for a first time on me! (Well, I've been used this perfume before, but this time it's my perfume, not somebody's else, hihi) I love this perfume! I know that it's not something brand new but oh my oh, I love this perfume! Have you ever tried it? Let me know! 

And your fav perfume for summer time? Let me know!!!

2 komentāri:

  1. I haven't tired the perfume! But with your recommendation I will look for it when I visit the shopping mall next!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie at www.ellecharie.com

    1. I love it and I hope you will like it too Elle! :)