Summer is almost here..

Hello everyone! This year Easter holidays were the best! Friday I with my sister went to capital city where we met our aunt, then we bought donuts for our cousin and then we had lunch together at restaurant Neiburgs. It's a really good place where to eat if you're visiting Latvia, Riga city. No cheap & not too expensive, and food is amazingly good + they offer vegan food as well. After our afternoon together we went to celebrate our cousins name day, we had really great time with family! At least I did :) Saturday we went to our relatives, we enjoyed warm weather outside and just had good time together with family. In the evening I met my best friend, we drank champagne and chilled together. Next morning I woke up sleepy, but as it was the big day to my brother - Easter, I jumped out of bed and it was time for Easter traditions. Easter evening somehow ended up at Alise's apartment - we chilled, drank champagne and had some deep conversations. Great evening! Today I woke up, made healthy breakfast for myself, sunbathed and later met my best friend for a long walk with my brother. I had really great time with my family and friends. I'm really happy and I really don't want to go to school tomorrow! Weather outside is amazingly warm, I feel like I'm wasting my time at school when it's so lovely weather outside.. Here is few photos from my holidays:

Lunching with family @ Neiburgs

>Nori roll stuffed with spinach, rocket, cucumber, avocado and lime mousse, served with tamari soy sauce,
>Grilled salmon fillet with oven-roasted autumn vegetables, green pea and hemp mash and citrus-flavoured 
caper and herb sauce,
>Crème brûlée with seasonal berries and mint.

Spring time & light spring tones.

Evening with Alise. 

Anyway, tell me how did you spend your Easter holidays? I'm curious to know! <3

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  1. Izklausās, ka tev ir bijušas ļot jaukas brīvdienas! Man arī svētkus patīk pavadīt kā ģimenes lokā, tā arī draugu lokā! :)
    Diemžēl es šajā brīvdienās strādāju & īsti nesanāca ne izbaudīt jauko laiku, ne arī tā kārtīgi nosvinēy. Bet nu kas jādara, jādara! ;)


    1. Šīs tiešām bija lieliskas brīvdienas! :)
      Žēl, ka tā. Bet brīvdienu vēl priekšā daudz un noteikti, ka arī Tev sanāks izbaudīt siltos saules starus, vasara taču gara! :)