Olay Regenerist renewal elixir.

Well, I've to say that I'm lucky. OK, we all are lucky, because mostly we have everything we need and everything we want! And it's luck, because there are people who doesn't have anything. I appreciate everything I have, but mostly I'm so grateful because I have wonderful parents, sister & brother and family in general, I'm grateful because we live in our own house, which is not just our house for us, but it's our home. It's a place where we feel the best after long day at school/work. (I know that I've said that I really don't enjoy time when I'm home, but lately it feels so good to sleep in my own bed, haha) And I'm grateful because I have so many great friends. I'm happy about every day that I have. And I'm happy about winning prize as well, haha! Recently sugarmakeup blog owner Kamila contacted me, saying that I have won Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir! I had this opportunity, because of giveaway which was on her blog and in which I decided participate! Somehow, I won! So one more time - thank you Kamila for your giveaway! I just can't wait to try out this Olay elixir!!! :)

P.S. sugarmakeup blog have been one of my favorite Latvian blogs for a while, so I recommend to check it out! There are some posts in English language & google translate as well if you're interested. :)

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  1. Wonderful post..
    Have a great day.. XOXO
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    Much love! :)))

  2. Man prieks, ka tev prieks :) Gaidīšu kaut viena teikuma atsauksmi :)

    1. Šis iet uz beigām, varbūt drīzumā taps atsauksme! Jau tagad varu teikt - būs viens pozitīvs teikums, varbūt vairāk.. :)