Long time no see huh? I'm going to write down where I was and how it was! So this may be long story.. Since Monday I was in the capital city - Riga. Our student company ''Charger Pocket'' participated in International Student Company Festival 2014! There was so many young people from Sweden, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and another countries with their companies. When we first arrived we had to put our belongings in our shelter of the night - old music boarding school.. Lucky students who stayed in a hotel. Then we all went to university Turība where we had familiarization measure, which was fun. It was really interesting to get know people from another countries, and I've to say that I was just amazed, notably about Swedish, Norwegian & German students and their English skills, oh-my-good, it just sounded like English is their national language and that means that education there is really good! In the evening we had national dinner and then we went to our boarding school, which was just.. It was OK, but still, I think that all students no matter what should live together! It's obvious that young people will get to know each other when it will be unofficial atmosphere and I'm sure that people who lived at hotel (in which us, also known as Latvians didn't lived at) had some great time together while getting know each other. It was okay to chill with other Latvians and talk until 3 AM but as it was International Festival, so it would be obvious that we all should live together. (And we all shouldn't live in boarding school because it was no comfort there :| ) Yesterday we all with our companies were to Riga Plaza shopping center to sell our production, also jury evaluated us. This time we didn't had any nomination or prize, but we sure had some great time together with my colleagues. And I've to say that it was pleasure to be there, to be one of all those young, attractive and industrious young people. I loved last evening, when we had really good and little bit fancy dinner together on Awards Ceremony and then we had paaaarty!!! It was a blast! I loved it. I wanted to stay till the end, but f#ck no, we had to go home. ugh. Last night I didn't use alcohol at all and I really loved it, so no hangover for me today. Yay? Yaaaay! Overall, yes, there was some things about what I could talk all day and all night, but overall, I feel happy that we had this oppurtunity, I'm really thankful! 

And even though that yesterday I felt so amazing when I got home from this event, even though it was raining and when I got home my hair and clothes was wet I felt right, I felt happy. Not like today. Today I feel really tired physically and emotionally. But I hope you're having great week! Kisses! 

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  1. Seems like you had fun, I hope the Dutchies represented The Netherlands good! Haha


    1. I definitely had some fun! Don't worry Samiya, they represented The Netherlands more than just good!

  2. Although you did not win a prize, it sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity! It's always lovely to mix with other cultures. Adoring your blog & looking forward to your future post. ;D

    <3 Carsla
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    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

    1. Yep, I definitely agree with you! :)
      Thank you so much for these good words you're sharing with me! Such a pleasure! Thank you Carsla!