Hi! I hope everyone had a great day! I think that most of people here in Latvia already know about H&M home store opening here in Latvia! (More about opening HERE) Well, I don't know about others but I'm really excited and happy! I really want to go to the opening, the first 50 people who will stand in a row to buy something will receive gift card, but I'm definately not going to opening because of gift card, because I remember that when H&M just opened they gave to people the same chance to get those gift cards and there was girls who sat, slept and ate next to the store day or two before. Well, I'm not one of them and right now I'm not thinking about trying out this opportunity, I would tell you more, but I should get back to the point this post was about. I have been a big H&M fan since I first visited their store in Sweden and I don't feel bad if I sound cheap or identical to another people, because when H&M opened in Latvia people were like: ''Oh, now everybody will have the same jumpers and shoes, so lame.'' Well, I don't think so. I have said it before that it doesn't matter that people have the same clothes, because if you're creative enough you will mix clothes with accessories and look good even thought that someone somewhere have the same blouse as you do. And it's the same with interior elements! And as I love good interior which is complemented with things like bowls, pots or pillows (depends about what exactly we are talking about) I'm really excited about seeing H&M home in life with my own eyes.. Of course, I could found anything I need to complement my room somewhere else, like in big home and garden stores but it would be time-consuming because I'm not really friendly with those big shopping centres for home & garden, and I highlight word garden.. As I checked H&M home production online I already know what I want and I'm pretty sure that I will get friendly with their store as soon as I will step in it! :) Few photos from H&M below:

And what do you think about H&M home? Let me know!

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  1. Es arī nevaru sagaidīt H&M Riga Plazā! Un tā kā strādāju H&M zinu pāris lietas par drēbēm un ka nav tā, ka visi staigās vienās drēbēs, jo mums ļoti daudzas drēbes nāk limitētā apjomā, ļoti bieži pat bez papildinājumiem, tāpēc ja kaut ko ieraugu, kas man ļoti patīk tad arī nopērku! :)
    Lielākoties lietas, kas ir lielos apjomos ir Basic drēbes! ;)


    1. Jā, es esmu dzirdējusi par drēbēm, kas nāk limitētā apjomā un tas ir forši, bet es noteikti neesmu viena no tiem cilvēkiem, kas pirms tam žēlojās, ka visi ģērbsies vienādi. Kā jau teicu - īsta fašionista pratīs izcelties arī tad, ja visiem citiem būs pieejams tas pats, kas viņai. Bet nu tas tā! :)
      Es tiešām vairs nevaru sagaidīt H&M home Riga Plazā, gribas ātrāk ieraudzīt to visu ieraudzīt, aptaustīt un iegādāties, haha. :D

  2. H&M home has really impressed me! I like how affordable and eclectic their line is.


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