''she was her own worst enemy''

Well, this was one of those days when I felt like I need pause. Pause from everything and everyone but still I didn't wanted to be alone. After school & cleaning up city park I went to my best friend's place, we made dinner for us, drank beer and sat on the balcony. We had some fun time together, it was so sunny and warm outside, but somehow our evening ended up in her bed, we had nap together haha, okay, we were just sitting and listening to The 1975. I had some things to do but time flew so fast, that right now I feel little bit guilty that I didn't attend event I had to, but somehow this week was too severe for me. So I decided to take some pause and just chilled with my friend doing nothing productive instead doing what I had to do. It's not the best attitude from me, I know, but as I said.. Time by time I need to be alone, sometimes I skip lessons at school to come home earlier and just do whatever I want to, but overall I always listen to my favourite music and think. I always think about life. Love. Happiness. Friends? Relationships with people around me. And I think about others, about success and loss. About my future. About this moment. About who I am & who I want to be. But sometimes I don't like to be alone, and this was one of these days when I spent time with my best. We had so fun time together, that I forgot about my anxiety this morning, which scared me a lot because I almost forgot how it is to suffer from that sh#t. Right now I feel good. Good physically. Mentally I feel bad and guilty. Right now all I want to is take my bicycle and drive away. I'm really tired mentally even though everything is OK. It is, right? 

Do you sometimes feel like I do right now? What do you do? Let me know, please? :(



Hi! I hope everyone had a great day! I think that most of people here in Latvia already know about H&M home store opening here in Latvia! (More about opening HERE) Well, I don't know about others but I'm really excited and happy! I really want to go to the opening, the first 50 people who will stand in a row to buy something will receive gift card, but I'm definately not going to opening because of gift card, because I remember that when H&M just opened they gave to people the same chance to get those gift cards and there was girls who sat, slept and ate next to the store day or two before. Well, I'm not one of them and right now I'm not thinking about trying out this opportunity, I would tell you more, but I should get back to the point this post was about. I have been a big H&M fan since I first visited their store in Sweden and I don't feel bad if I sound cheap or identical to another people, because when H&M opened in Latvia people were like: ''Oh, now everybody will have the same jumpers and shoes, so lame.'' Well, I don't think so. I have said it before that it doesn't matter that people have the same clothes, because if you're creative enough you will mix clothes with accessories and look good even thought that someone somewhere have the same blouse as you do. And it's the same with interior elements! And as I love good interior which is complemented with things like bowls, pots or pillows (depends about what exactly we are talking about) I'm really excited about seeing H&M home in life with my own eyes.. Of course, I could found anything I need to complement my room somewhere else, like in big home and garden stores but it would be time-consuming because I'm not really friendly with those big shopping centres for home & garden, and I highlight word garden.. As I checked H&M home production online I already know what I want and I'm pretty sure that I will get friendly with their store as soon as I will step in it! :) Few photos from H&M below:

And what do you think about H&M home? Let me know!


Summer is almost here..

Hello everyone! This year Easter holidays were the best! Friday I with my sister went to capital city where we met our aunt, then we bought donuts for our cousin and then we had lunch together at restaurant Neiburgs. It's a really good place where to eat if you're visiting Latvia, Riga city. No cheap & not too expensive, and food is amazingly good + they offer vegan food as well. After our afternoon together we went to celebrate our cousins name day, we had really great time with family! At least I did :) Saturday we went to our relatives, we enjoyed warm weather outside and just had good time together with family. In the evening I met my best friend, we drank champagne and chilled together. Next morning I woke up sleepy, but as it was the big day to my brother - Easter, I jumped out of bed and it was time for Easter traditions. Easter evening somehow ended up at Alise's apartment - we chilled, drank champagne and had some deep conversations. Great evening! Today I woke up, made healthy breakfast for myself, sunbathed and later met my best friend for a long walk with my brother. I had really great time with my family and friends. I'm really happy and I really don't want to go to school tomorrow! Weather outside is amazingly warm, I feel like I'm wasting my time at school when it's so lovely weather outside.. Here is few photos from my holidays:

Lunching with family @ Neiburgs

>Nori roll stuffed with spinach, rocket, cucumber, avocado and lime mousse, served with tamari soy sauce,
>Grilled salmon fillet with oven-roasted autumn vegetables, green pea and hemp mash and citrus-flavoured 
caper and herb sauce,
>Crème brûlée with seasonal berries and mint.

Spring time & light spring tones.

Evening with Alise. 

Anyway, tell me how did you spend your Easter holidays? I'm curious to know! <3


It's for you! ''Charger Pocket''

Hi sweeties! I have been talking about my student company too much and still nobody knows about what exactly I'm talking about. Well, finally I'm going to introduce you all with our company and our product as well. Me, my friends and also classmates Arlita & Zane - owners of ''Charger Pocket''. We started this journey in September 2013 and I have to say that it has been great time together! We came up with an idea of charger carrier which could be really useful if there is no handy place where to put your phone while charging it. The next thing was the first attempt - shape, design & quality. First design was spray paint & glitters, but somehow we quickly reacted and realized that it was not working. Then we came up with a new idea about rope. Jute rope and cotton rope. We loved the result and we were not the only ones. Then we decided to mix two ropes together and people loved result way more than before! But there always was one big problem - there was no bottles. We asked to our relatives, friends and classmates to bring their empty shampoo bottles to us, some of people really helped us. And we are really thankful about it. For ISCF our friends gave us about 10 bottles if I'm not wrong. Our product is eco-friendly and our job - socially responsible. And of course our product is made quality. To learn more about ''Charger Pocket'' click HERE to watch really shitty video about our student company. ''Charger Pocket'' is a pocket for your mobile phone in which you can put your phone while charging it if you don't have any handy place near to you! We have them in diffirent shapes, colors and width as well. You just have to inform us about your mobile phone size (model) and we are going to make pocket exactly for you! Below photos my sister made, thank you for helping me!

Price: 6 euros // Contact: charger_pocket@inbox.lv // Available: currently only in Latvia!


Olay Regenerist renewal elixir.

Well, I've to say that I'm lucky. OK, we all are lucky, because mostly we have everything we need and everything we want! And it's luck, because there are people who doesn't have anything. I appreciate everything I have, but mostly I'm so grateful because I have wonderful parents, sister & brother and family in general, I'm grateful because we live in our own house, which is not just our house for us, but it's our home. It's a place where we feel the best after long day at school/work. (I know that I've said that I really don't enjoy time when I'm home, but lately it feels so good to sleep in my own bed, haha) And I'm grateful because I have so many great friends. I'm happy about every day that I have. And I'm happy about winning prize as well, haha! Recently sugarmakeup blog owner Kamila contacted me, saying that I have won Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir! I had this opportunity, because of giveaway which was on her blog and in which I decided participate! Somehow, I won! So one more time - thank you Kamila for your giveaway! I just can't wait to try out this Olay elixir!!! :)

P.S. sugarmakeup blog have been one of my favorite Latvian blogs for a while, so I recommend to check it out! There are some posts in English language & google translate as well if you're interested. :)

Busy, busy, busy.

Hello everyone. Long time no see. It's spring outside. That's why I've been so inactive lately. Last week was just crazy - full of events I had to visit. ISCF (Read about it HERE) from Monday to Tuesday, Wednesday was day off, I was too tired to go to school. Friday was a busy day, but a good evening with friends, we were celebrating my friend's 18th birthday! I enjoyed weekend, it was really good. Yesterday I went to gym. Feels good to be back on track because week before I didn't have so many time as I do right now. So as you suspect - I'm feeling good about life. :) And how about you? I hope that all of you are doing just great!

So today I'm going to share with some photos from last week taken with my phone. I'm sure that some of you who follow me on Instagram have been thinking why I've became so inactive? Well, if somebody is really curious - I feel like I should share less. But I'm not saying that I'm not going to post anything there, I just need to a break from there. I hope that soon I'm going to change my mind. If you're interested about my Instagram, click HERE!

Some while ago dining with family. 

Dessert which we had at ISCF Awards Ceremony.

Spontaneous idea with my best friend Zane.



Long time no see huh? I'm going to write down where I was and how it was! So this may be long story.. Since Monday I was in the capital city - Riga. Our student company ''Charger Pocket'' participated in International Student Company Festival 2014! There was so many young people from Sweden, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and another countries with their companies. When we first arrived we had to put our belongings in our shelter of the night - old music boarding school.. Lucky students who stayed in a hotel. Then we all went to university Turība where we had familiarization measure, which was fun. It was really interesting to get know people from another countries, and I've to say that I was just amazed, notably about Swedish, Norwegian & German students and their English skills, oh-my-good, it just sounded like English is their national language and that means that education there is really good! In the evening we had national dinner and then we went to our boarding school, which was just.. It was OK, but still, I think that all students no matter what should live together! It's obvious that young people will get to know each other when it will be unofficial atmosphere and I'm sure that people who lived at hotel (in which us, also known as Latvians didn't lived at) had some great time together while getting know each other. It was okay to chill with other Latvians and talk until 3 AM but as it was International Festival, so it would be obvious that we all should live together. (And we all shouldn't live in boarding school because it was no comfort there :| ) Yesterday we all with our companies were to Riga Plaza shopping center to sell our production, also jury evaluated us. This time we didn't had any nomination or prize, but we sure had some great time together with my colleagues. And I've to say that it was pleasure to be there, to be one of all those young, attractive and industrious young people. I loved last evening, when we had really good and little bit fancy dinner together on Awards Ceremony and then we had paaaarty!!! It was a blast! I loved it. I wanted to stay till the end, but f#ck no, we had to go home. ugh. Last night I didn't use alcohol at all and I really loved it, so no hangover for me today. Yay? Yaaaay! Overall, yes, there was some things about what I could talk all day and all night, but overall, I feel happy that we had this oppurtunity, I'm really thankful! 

And even though that yesterday I felt so amazing when I got home from this event, even though it was raining and when I got home my hair and clothes was wet I felt right, I felt happy. Not like today. Today I feel really tired physically and emotionally. But I hope you're having great week! Kisses! 


You know what is one of the worst thing that can ever happen if you're a shoppacholic? Saving something in your 'saved items' list page and in the next day when you have been decided that you're ready to buy what you wanted to - it's out of stock. Whoah, I've never been so pissed actually and now I totally agree that quote which says ''Buy it now, life is too short too regret that you didn't bought it!'' And sometimes spontaneous purchase is the best purchase! 

Today I'm showing you photo of my latest buys - creamy white knit jumper & short chain necklase. I love how both of these things looks together, when it's as cold as it is right now outside I combine both of these things with black pants & boots. Black & White and of course little bit of gold. Anyway, it's really to cold for sweather weather right now, seems that I'm going to be sick by tomorrow, because my throat hurts a lot and when I got home I started to feel not so good, I've a runny nose and a headache as well.. At least I hope that my readers feel good! :)