Spring is coming + Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100

Hello everyone! How is it going? I've good news! From this moment I have my own camera! I wish that later I will be able to introduce you all with my Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100! I've touched it just twice, because as soon as I got it in my hands my sister took it away from me and started to explore it :D I don't mind, because she is way smarter than me in this modern technology area. All I can say right now, that this Samsung camera has really good quality, photos are really good + it's so easy to use this camera because of touch screen. Inside of Samsung Galaxy camera is like in every Samsung phone, have to say that I don't like Android system, but it's fine. I hope that I will get accustomed with it as soon as possible and we're going to have some great time together and I hope that we'll perpetuate some memories as well! 

Today I wanted to share with some amazing pieces from my wishlist. The biggest one - beautiful Michael Kors Selma bag which is in my wishlist since year 2014 came. If I will be able to, I'm getting one for myself this autumn, maybe not white, but another color - will see. *fingerscrossed* //I've been dreaming about these beautiful Movado 'Bold' Crystal accent bangle watches for too long as well. They both are just gorgeous and expensive too.. // Simple grey jumper may not be the best thing to wear when it's sunny outside, but I think that combined with yellow & white accents it would look great when it's little bit colder when approaching evening time. And actually - if I feel like wearing grey jumper today why the hell not? If it makes happy why not? hihi. // Well I've been thinking about buying some literature in english for a long time now. As my english skills are not the best and I probably wouldn't understand half story if I would read some serious novel, the best choice would be Alexa Chung IT. Maybe some of you have read it already? Share with your toughts below please! 

Perfect spring accessories #forspringtime by hellodope featuring movado watches

Tell me what is in your Spring 2014 wishlist? :)

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  1. I have so many things I wish ...I should just sit down and count them and do a prioritising list...otherwise might get too crazy! :D I wish a new phone mainly but instead I will invest better...and get an Apple computer...really need that one!

    I especially like the watches you´ve chosen! :) mm yes! Adding them soon aside your Olivia Burton collection? :D

    Have a lovely Thursday! <3


    1. Yep, this wishlist is just a small sneak peek haha, feel for you, because I've the same situation, I should really sit down and count, count, count! :D
      Oh, Apple computers are the best! When my baby (HP ProBook 4330s) will die, because it will happen one day, but I hope that not too soon, I'm thinking about getting Apple computer too!
      I would definitely love too, but these watches are really to expensive! Sad but true. :D
      Thank you dear! Hope you had great day <3

  2. Congooooooooos on your new camera! Would love to see the pics clicked with the help of the lovely camera :)


    1. Going to make post about my new camera asap! :)

  3. I love the shape of that bag! Good luck & have fun with your camera!