Samsung GALAXY Camera EK-GC100

Hello everyone! Oh I feel like useless sh#t today, umm, yes. I've to do something productive right? How about some workout? I don't want to, but I have to so after publishing this post I'm going straight to exercise a little bit. And them I'm going to listen my fav band right now - The 1975! They're fucking amazing. FUCKING AMAZING! I'm really sorry about this shitty beginning, I just can't help myself. 

As I promised today I'm going to tell you about my new camera. Today I took first photos with it. I'm satisfied. It always can be better. And it could be worse too. But it's fine. I've to practice more to make better photos. But the thing I love is that wow, this camera is almost like mobile phone! Android operating system inside of it which is definitely not my fav one, but it's really cool that I can immediately share with my photos on Instagram and I can another apps like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc and the best thing - I finally can play with Pou! Haha, I know that I'm 18 years old and I should act like adult, but I don't feel like I should submit to public pressure. I can do anything that makes me happy. I know I'm talking about happiness all the time lately, but I have to keep my mind positive. Whatsoever, there is one thing about Android system that annoys me - the fact that I had to sign in with my Google+ account to connect with camera and when I did it all my photos from my Google+ profile, even photos from blog (about 800) immediately moved to my camera, so right now I've about 13 albums in my gallery with that little Picasa symbol on them all. Why do I hate it? Because I can't delete any of those albums, they don't even have option 'DELETE' for those Picasa albums! Annoying! Google+ should do something about it, because it looks so mesy with all those albums I don't need. Some photos of Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 below:

Few photos I made with this little beautiful toy:

What do you think? Let me know!

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  1. Thist camera looks amazing <3

    Please, check out my new post:

    Best, Julita :))

    1. It is! :) I will check it out, thank you for info about it.

  2. Izskatās jauka kamera, gaidīšu bildes! :))

    1. Ir baigi feinā! Būs kādas bildes drīzumā, par cik beidzot man ir pašai sava kamera, to būs daudz! :)

  3. Atbildes
    1. Ir, ir! Iesaku, ja interesē digitālās kameras! :)

  4. Great buy!