No more croissants! What?

Bonsoir! *Okay, since when do I speak french?* Last week I had spring break (on Monday if I'm not wrong it started to snow, such a 'spring time' weather) and I had a lot of time to update blog, but I was not in the right mood, unfortunately. Right now I'm having some life crisis - I'm trying to lose weight and it's totally unnecessarily, because I'm not fat, right? I don't know what is wrong with me, because overall I'm satisfied with my body (And you all should be about yours, love yourself babes! You all are amazingly beautiful!) but I feel like it's the right time to eat less but healthy. And it's time to work-it-out! *Read it loud and aggressive* It's the right time to change something. Like my jeans size from 38 to 36! 

As we're talking about healthy lifestyle I decided to share with some workout apps I use + my opinion! I'm going to rate difficulty level too, but don't worry, as I'm a smoker, some things for me is just too hard to do.. 

1. Beneficial App - Fit Body - Personal Fitness Trainer App: I love design of this app, it's simply stunning and I've to say, that some things have to have great design, so it doesn't look cheap. Difficulty level 3/5
2. Beneficial App - Brazilian Butt - Personal Fitness Trainer App: Again - great design off app! Big plus is that you can add your own music while doing exercises (same with Fit Body app) and I've to say that it's impossible with other apps I use. Difficulty level 4/5! (This app is worth the pain!) 
3. P4P - Butt Workout: I use this when I feel really tired after warming-up, because this one is pretty easy. Design - not the best & worst both, it's OK. Difficulty level 3/5!
4. P4P - Abs Workout: This one is crazy. I still can't do few things neatly. But on the other hand it's worth it! I feel really tired after this one, my abs hurt like hell but feeling that I have done this crazy workout is so good! Difficulty level - 5/5!
5. Seven: This is my favorite one - it's a warm-up app which includes 12 diffirent exercises. I always start with this one to warm up myself. This app is really challenging - you can choose from one till five circuits (one circuit - 7.50 minutes ... five circuits - 39.50 minutes.) Every exercise have some info about it, there is achievements and calendar with progress viewer. Difficulty level - 3/5

My goal? Have healthy looking body and feel better. If you use some good apps to recommend - share with them below!

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  1. The only reccomendation I have (since I'm not skinny, so I can't give too much) is this: cook more, eat out less. Buy your own vegetable and fruit groceries and make yummy meals!


    1. I'm serious about all this healthy lifestyle, so every recomendations does matter! And I'm definitely going to buy more vegetables and fruits! <3 Thank you Audrey!

  2. you look amazing <3
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

  3. Lets follow each other??