Hello! Just realized that I haven't opened my health apps for so long time! As I was sick about two weeks (I had sore throat) I decided to take a break from exercises and now it's like month without any exercises at home *I'm still going to gym on Mondays* so I decided that I've to do something about this stupid break from healthy lifestyle. I was on the right track! And I'm going to get back on track as soon as possible. 

And how about you? What do you do to keep yourself healthy and good looking? Maybe you haven't even started yet? The best way how to start is to buy sports equipment! And I'm not talking about exercise machine or dumbbells *YET* but new sportswear! Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc offers many diffirent clothes, but as I'm still going to school and I can't afford everything I want - I prefer sportswear from low budget stores like Bershka, H&M and Gina Tricot as well. They have really great, colorful clothes for gymnastics and they're affordable for everyone. Today I'm sharing with few of my favorite pieces from few collections, enjoy! 


Amazingly gorgeous prints on Gina Tricot sportswear.


What do you think of these pieces? I'm curios to know!
Kisses <3 


  1. wow, i love the first few fitness sets!

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  2. wow, great post! I love running :) zaprasszam do siebie ;)

    1. It's really great that you love running. I don't enjoy it. Went for a run few days ago, when it was sunny outside, with my friend and we ran about 2 kilometers and we're so tired later. Gosh, I better comply 3 medium difficult training that go out for a run, haha :)

  3. hmmm... I feel the need to upgrade my sport attire!

  4. Nice post Elza, Loved all the sports attire pics here. i loved the yellow collection especially. They will help me out in choosing my next sports collection :)

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    1. I'm happy that you're inspired by this post to buy your sportswear for this season. :)

  5. love your choices:) i don't have that many gym clothes eventhough i go to the gym... not very often though:PP i absolutely love tight leggings / yoga pants for working out, they're so comfy. and my sports bra is from h&m which i'm pretty satisfied with:)

    lots of love xx

    1. Good to know! I don't have many gym clothes too, just some Reebok leggings and matching tops. :)
      I've to buy something new to wear!

  6. Hey beauty ,nice blog :) I really love your items and your pictures . :) Regards from Bosnia ♥

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