How is it going?

Hello! Can you believe it? It's almost 11 PM and I'm not partying! Finally I have some time alone with myself and it feels amazingly good. I had healthy dinner, talked on phone with friend of mine, had good time with brother and did some unimportant things too. Whatsoever, yesterday was one amazing day - we had trip with classmates to Latvijas Banka *The Bank of Latvia* and then we went to bowling hall and I've to admit that I'm a bad player, I really don't remember the last time when I played bowling, it was long, long time ago but even though that I was so 'lucky' I really loved time with my classmates and bowling itself. What else? I have some amazing news too, but I'm going to keep my mout shut as long as I will feel right about it! It's nothing special, but I'm really happy about it. This weekend will be full of working with my (I've mentioned that I & my friends own specific company, so I'm not working there alone, but it's so tedious to tell this story again & again, so in the next posts I will write that firm is mine and of course, finally, I will introduce you all guys with the product!) student company, because we've to make a video about our product + do another things, because we're going to be in Student Company International Festival which will be here in Latvia (April 2014). At least next week will be amazingly nice because it's spring break! Finally! And how about you? How is it going? Let me know!

I hope that you all will have great weekend - awesome time with your loved ones and sunny moments! Kisses!

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  1. Uh interesting cannot wait for the next post then! :D Some exciting news!

    Well Eliza, wish I would´ve had a Friday as yours but unfortunately again, my university is taking over me and my free time, I barely had some time for some late cooking tonight (very protein-ish I might say) and that´s it. Can you believe it it´s 12:47 AM here and I am still...doing my uni assignments. I am such a nerd...
    I need to get some free time to update the blog this weekend! I have some plans in mind so...let´s see!!!


  2. I called you Eliza. Now I am confused. xD ...
    Oh and thank you for the perfume tip :O ...and how to hold it longer on your skin! Going to try it tomorrow asap!

    1. Nerd? Haha, don't be silly - you're working hard to be successful person in your future! Not like me, I prefer to do nothing instead of studying. :D Of course, don't forget about yourself too, enjoy every free moment!

      Don't worry, my real name is Elizabete, but I've decided to present me in my blog as Elza, before that I was presenting myself as Eliza, haha, I know - confusing, but it will be OK!

      Have a great week dear! <3

  3. Nice ;DD
    Zapraszam do mnie i mam prośbę czy mogłabyś kliknąć u mnie w linki pod ostatnim postem, to bardzo ważne dla mnie, z góry dziękuję ;)