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I've learned that some days I should not update my blog, some days are not created for negative emotions which I would probably write down here. Today is one of these days when I feel like useless shit, I'm really tired after monday gym visit and overall it's just Monday which was not a bad day, but somehow it always feels like I've to hate Mondays. Life is wonderful even thought today I'm tired and little bit unhappy. Remember that you have to be happy about everything you have! And be happy about yourself! :) 

I've to say that I had great weekend: Friday I with my friend Agate had great evening at our friend flat, it was not like project x party, but just few of people who usually get together. Next morning woke up drunk --> Went to my math teacher --> Went home --> Went to capital city to celebrate my brothers name day, had great time with family --> Went out with my friend Agate and then we suddenly found ourselves drinking cider with guys, haha. Finally I went out with my friends, because last two weekends I though that I'm going to die, it's so boring to sit home alone with your demons. I hope you all had great weekend and I wish that you all are having amazingly good week coming! 



Samsung GALAXY Camera EK-GC100

Hello everyone! Oh I feel like useless sh#t today, umm, yes. I've to do something productive right? How about some workout? I don't want to, but I have to so after publishing this post I'm going straight to exercise a little bit. And them I'm going to listen my fav band right now - The 1975! They're fucking amazing. FUCKING AMAZING! I'm really sorry about this shitty beginning, I just can't help myself. 

As I promised today I'm going to tell you about my new camera. Today I took first photos with it. I'm satisfied. It always can be better. And it could be worse too. But it's fine. I've to practice more to make better photos. But the thing I love is that wow, this camera is almost like mobile phone! Android operating system inside of it which is definitely not my fav one, but it's really cool that I can immediately share with my photos on Instagram and I can another apps like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc and the best thing - I finally can play with Pou! Haha, I know that I'm 18 years old and I should act like adult, but I don't feel like I should submit to public pressure. I can do anything that makes me happy. I know I'm talking about happiness all the time lately, but I have to keep my mind positive. Whatsoever, there is one thing about Android system that annoys me - the fact that I had to sign in with my Google+ account to connect with camera and when I did it all my photos from my Google+ profile, even photos from blog (about 800) immediately moved to my camera, so right now I've about 13 albums in my gallery with that little Picasa symbol on them all. Why do I hate it? Because I can't delete any of those albums, they don't even have option 'DELETE' for those Picasa albums! Annoying! Google+ should do something about it, because it looks so mesy with all those albums I don't need. Some photos of Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 below:

Few photos I made with this little beautiful toy:

What do you think? Let me know!


Spring is coming + Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100

Hello everyone! How is it going? I've good news! From this moment I have my own camera! I wish that later I will be able to introduce you all with my Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100! I've touched it just twice, because as soon as I got it in my hands my sister took it away from me and started to explore it :D I don't mind, because she is way smarter than me in this modern technology area. All I can say right now, that this Samsung camera has really good quality, photos are really good + it's so easy to use this camera because of touch screen. Inside of Samsung Galaxy camera is like in every Samsung phone, have to say that I don't like Android system, but it's fine. I hope that I will get accustomed with it as soon as possible and we're going to have some great time together and I hope that we'll perpetuate some memories as well! 

Today I wanted to share with some amazing pieces from my wishlist. The biggest one - beautiful Michael Kors Selma bag which is in my wishlist since year 2014 came. If I will be able to, I'm getting one for myself this autumn, maybe not white, but another color - will see. *fingerscrossed* //I've been dreaming about these beautiful Movado 'Bold' Crystal accent bangle watches for too long as well. They both are just gorgeous and expensive too.. // Simple grey jumper may not be the best thing to wear when it's sunny outside, but I think that combined with yellow & white accents it would look great when it's little bit colder when approaching evening time. And actually - if I feel like wearing grey jumper today why the hell not? If it makes happy why not? hihi. // Well I've been thinking about buying some literature in english for a long time now. As my english skills are not the best and I probably wouldn't understand half story if I would read some serious novel, the best choice would be Alexa Chung IT. Maybe some of you have read it already? Share with your toughts below please! 

Perfect spring accessories #forspringtime by hellodope featuring movado watches

Tell me what is in your Spring 2014 wishlist? :)


No more croissants! What?

Bonsoir! *Okay, since when do I speak french?* Last week I had spring break (on Monday if I'm not wrong it started to snow, such a 'spring time' weather) and I had a lot of time to update blog, but I was not in the right mood, unfortunately. Right now I'm having some life crisis - I'm trying to lose weight and it's totally unnecessarily, because I'm not fat, right? I don't know what is wrong with me, because overall I'm satisfied with my body (And you all should be about yours, love yourself babes! You all are amazingly beautiful!) but I feel like it's the right time to eat less but healthy. And it's time to work-it-out! *Read it loud and aggressive* It's the right time to change something. Like my jeans size from 38 to 36! 

As we're talking about healthy lifestyle I decided to share with some workout apps I use + my opinion! I'm going to rate difficulty level too, but don't worry, as I'm a smoker, some things for me is just too hard to do.. 

1. Beneficial App - Fit Body - Personal Fitness Trainer App: I love design of this app, it's simply stunning and I've to say, that some things have to have great design, so it doesn't look cheap. Difficulty level 3/5
2. Beneficial App - Brazilian Butt - Personal Fitness Trainer App: Again - great design off app! Big plus is that you can add your own music while doing exercises (same with Fit Body app) and I've to say that it's impossible with other apps I use. Difficulty level 4/5! (This app is worth the pain!) 
3. P4P - Butt Workout: I use this when I feel really tired after warming-up, because this one is pretty easy. Design - not the best & worst both, it's OK. Difficulty level 3/5!
4. P4P - Abs Workout: This one is crazy. I still can't do few things neatly. But on the other hand it's worth it! I feel really tired after this one, my abs hurt like hell but feeling that I have done this crazy workout is so good! Difficulty level - 5/5!
5. Seven: This is my favorite one - it's a warm-up app which includes 12 diffirent exercises. I always start with this one to warm up myself. This app is really challenging - you can choose from one till five circuits (one circuit - 7.50 minutes ... five circuits - 39.50 minutes.) Every exercise have some info about it, there is achievements and calendar with progress viewer. Difficulty level - 3/5

My goal? Have healthy looking body and feel better. If you use some good apps to recommend - share with them below!



Hello! Just realized that I haven't opened my health apps for so long time! As I was sick about two weeks (I had sore throat) I decided to take a break from exercises and now it's like month without any exercises at home *I'm still going to gym on Mondays* so I decided that I've to do something about this stupid break from healthy lifestyle. I was on the right track! And I'm going to get back on track as soon as possible. 

And how about you? What do you do to keep yourself healthy and good looking? Maybe you haven't even started yet? The best way how to start is to buy sports equipment! And I'm not talking about exercise machine or dumbbells *YET* but new sportswear! Brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc offers many diffirent clothes, but as I'm still going to school and I can't afford everything I want - I prefer sportswear from low budget stores like Bershka, H&M and Gina Tricot as well. They have really great, colorful clothes for gymnastics and they're affordable for everyone. Today I'm sharing with few of my favorite pieces from few collections, enjoy! 


Amazingly gorgeous prints on Gina Tricot sportswear.


What do you think of these pieces? I'm curios to know!
Kisses <3 


Ted Baker

Hello! It was really bleak morning when I woke up, but right now it's really windy outside and it's snowing too! We're having storm here in Latvia. Well, I hope it's going to be sunny soon, because I don't want to sit home next week, when I finally have spring break! Weather like this makes me wanna buy some tickets to some sunny & warm place, but unfortunately it's impossible. Maybe somebody want to give me some tickets to some beautiful place? And offer company? Haha, joke. 

Today I wanted to show you something I own for a week now - RUELLES mini exotic clutch bag from Ted Baker. Some words about this wonderful clutch from official website - ''Every evening will have a luxurious touch to it when you leave home with this stunning exotic clutch bag. The mini size is ideal for fitting in all your essentials so match the chain with some glossy accessories such as the TEMPANY earrings or JOVI cluster cuff!'' This mini clutch is available in bright yellow, bright pink and black color. So what do you think? Let me know! 

So, do you wanna see few more photos from real life, haha? Let me know!


How is it going?

Hello! Can you believe it? It's almost 11 PM and I'm not partying! Finally I have some time alone with myself and it feels amazingly good. I had healthy dinner, talked on phone with friend of mine, had good time with brother and did some unimportant things too. Whatsoever, yesterday was one amazing day - we had trip with classmates to Latvijas Banka *The Bank of Latvia* and then we went to bowling hall and I've to admit that I'm a bad player, I really don't remember the last time when I played bowling, it was long, long time ago but even though that I was so 'lucky' I really loved time with my classmates and bowling itself. What else? I have some amazing news too, but I'm going to keep my mout shut as long as I will feel right about it! It's nothing special, but I'm really happy about it. This weekend will be full of working with my (I've mentioned that I & my friends own specific company, so I'm not working there alone, but it's so tedious to tell this story again & again, so in the next posts I will write that firm is mine and of course, finally, I will introduce you all guys with the product!) student company, because we've to make a video about our product + do another things, because we're going to be in Student Company International Festival which will be here in Latvia (April 2014). At least next week will be amazingly nice because it's spring break! Finally! And how about you? How is it going? Let me know!

I hope that you all will have great weekend - awesome time with your loved ones and sunny moments! Kisses!



Good morning! I'm at home right now, but I'm going to school soon. Weather is just amazing - sunny & warm, really enjoyable. When it's so sunny outside I've energy to eat healthier and do gymnastics more. As usually yesterday I went to gym, it's my Monday tradition lately and I'm trying to eat healthy. I really want to feel good about myself - not only external, also internally. It's the right time to do something good for myself. 
I'm going to share with few photos from my Instagram acount. Enjoy! 

Drinking something expensive but unlikely strong and unpalatable, haha. 

Dinner with family at restaurant Riviera <3

Macaroons - the best thing ever!

Clutch from Ted Baker! Love it!!!

Strawnberries from my brother to me as greeting because of Woman's Day. Love my little brother <3 

Wishing to you all sunny & productive week!


UPDATE + new blog design

This week was just something unusual for me - emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, luck, success, hate, lies.. Tuesday was great day for me because I finally met friend of mine, who I hadn't seen for so long. She was my closest friend back then and I have to say that right now, after all those years I don't feel like something have changed. Of course, we're older, smarter, more experienced & live in diffirent countries and in some ways our relationships is changed but it felt so good to talk with someone who I haven't seen for so long.. I will miss this girl so badly. Another good thing is that Friday was really successful for firm in which I'm working with my friends, (Actually we own that firm) long story short - our production was sold out in 2 hours and we won one of the nominations! It was great feeling! But somehow I feel not so happy because of other emotions. Lately I'm feeling like I'm going nuts. I can be angry because of stupid things and so many things irritates me, feels not good at all. I think I'm going to ask mom for some homeopathic drugs for me, haha. But don't worry - it's going to be OK! :) 

As you see, my dear readers, something has changed in my blog! New header (made it with Notegraphy, it's such a fun to make notes there, because design of them are so creative!) As my sister made her blog header with Notegrapghy, I decided to try it out too. Not bad at all, but I was too lazy to cut grey stains around drawing. I think that you all already understand what means that big H letter. *initial of word happiness* Also I decided to delete bloglovin, google+ buttons and other things which made blog looking full of shit! (yep, SHIT! I'm not ashamed to use this word without censoring it, because my blog was like thrift shop - full of diffirent things) and instead of all those things right now you do see social media icons on the right side at the top. I found those free watercolor social media icons source google which introduced me with Rose, owner of THIS beautiful blog. I decided to exert NEXT & cityblis blogger networks. Later I'm going to add photo of me, it's going to be below social media icons, symbolically as owner of this blog. Right now you can see temporary picture, which is just a joke, so please don't take it personal. Maybe in future I'm going to change something or add something else to improve my blog design, but right now I don't think about it, because I'm satisfied with everything I did today. In the bottom of the blog you can see tags, my contact information + you can follow me with e-mail! I'm going to delete some of my posts, because few of them really don't fit in my blog. I think it's the right time to change blog content from personal to interesting and useful. So what do you think? I'm sure that nobody even read this second part of post, comment if you did and let me know what do you think
Kisses <3 


I should really go to my bed right now and sleep, because I've done so many things today but as I planned to read all unread posts on blogs I follow - I can't just go to sleep, because I've been missed so many things. And as that I wanted one more time talk about one of the most beautiful thing in us - our smile. It's mirror of our feelings and if we're happy - we're smiling. So we have to take care of our mouth hygiene to look amazing all the time. I already said, that visiting stomatologist and hygienist is compulsory measure if we really care about our teeth and that's why I wanted to introduce you all with aidentist.com which is great website with great dental lab equipment such as ultrasonic scannerdental handpiecemarathon micro motordental curing light, ultrasonic cleanerintraoral camera <-- click on each keyword to go to their website to see specific equipment! aidentist.com is having huge assortment of dental lab equipment and prices = good enough too check out! Check out aidentist.com for more info if you're interested! 

P.S. Hope all of womans who's reading this right now had amazing Woman's day! Late salutation from me, I'm sorry! Kisses <3



Hello everyone! Long time no see? I will talk about that later, because today I wanted you to introduce with aidentist.com which is dental equipment website. As we all know white and healthy teeth = beautiful smile. Respectively if you're having beautiful smile you're thinking about your mouth hygiene and to you it is important to care about yourself and your hygiene. If you do care about your mouth hygiene, keep reading, because I've few more things to say. Of course, we can't maintain our teeth healthy and white just with toothpaste, dental floss, quality toothbrush & moutwash. We do visit stomatologist and hygienist. And it's important to us to have dependable dentist with appropriate qualtity dental lab equipment and here is the thing about what I'm talking right now - aidentist.com offers so many things like disinfection items, ultrasonic scaler, dental tips and etc. Check out link HERE to see more, if you're interested! To introduce you with aidentist.com offer I'm sharing with few more things to check out - ultrasonic scanner, dental handpiece, marathon micro motor, dental curing light, ultrasonic cleaner, intraoral camera <-- click on each keyword to go to their website to see specific equipment!