Slave to Love

Hi! Today wasn't as bad as I expected. Even thought I again woke up about 7:45 AM, so I didn't have time to dress up, etc for school, but on other hand I never do it anyway, so whatever. I wasn't in the right mood but somehow day ended good. Fun time with friends at school and when I got home my sister greeted me with pizza & lemon beer! What can be better? (Right now I'm thinking ''Of course something healthy'' because for a second time today my stomach ache was back. It's not funny anymore, no more junk food for me!) Right now I'm listening Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love (1985), it's such an amazing song! I love it!!! While listening to it, I've realized that I've few more things to do, then I'm going to freshen up and paint my nails and I should start to read the book, it's my only one homework for today. But before I do that -->

Have you seen Zara Spring/Summer 2014 collection? I've chosen few of my favourite clothes to show you (from Zara woman + TRF) and I've to say that this time there are so many things I like. Lately I've been thinking that Zara have became a little bit boring, at least for me and all these prices for clothes that are manufactured in Taiwan, I mean are they worth the price? OK, they do have some really stunning things in assortment but still it's nothing amazing. Maybe it's just me, because Zara have been my fav place to shop for years and when I do shopping I always check out Zara offer, so it's obvious that lately it have bored me. But as I said before this time there are some things I really like so I'm going to share with you guys!

Really simple shirt, but I've been wanting shirt like this for ages now! Something simple but not too much to wear when going to school (or job). 

When I saw this gorgeous dress! Oh my oh, so inspiring! I would definately wear dress like this, but then I've to lose at least 10kg of my weight. Or maybe 15kg. Not gonna happen soon, but still I love this dress!

These leather skinnies going to be mine!!! Love them! I really need to go to capital city for mini shopping, because I want these so badly! 

So what do you think? What do you think of Zara in general? What do you think of SS2014? Let me know!

5 komentāri:

  1. Man ir nedaudz līdzīgi- kādreiz Zara veikalā iepirkos ļoti, ļoti bieži, bet tagad izejot cauri veikalam ir labi ja ir vien pāris lietas kuras vēlos uzlaikot, bet kad uzmēru līdz galam īsti nepatīk!
    Bet tās bikses ar rāvējslēdzējiem sānos izskatās ļoti foršas!


    1. Pilnīgi mana situācija, jo pēdējā laikā atrodu kādas 3-5 kleitas, blūzes, tomēr, uzmērot nekas tā īsti arī nekas nepatīk! :|

  2. love the black shift dress.