Hello sweeties! I'm feeling so bad right now, even can't describe how bad. Yesterdey I started to feel bad - sore throat, runny nose, headache and when I woke up this morning I had no voice. I just couldn't talk. Later I got my voice back and then I started to feel good again, but when I got home I felt just horrible. Right now it feels really weird - no appetite, headache which feels really weird and sore throat... I just drank some analgesic tablets, I wish I will feel better soon. Right now it's time for tea and my planner - I've to plan all events which I've this week. OK, I don't have big things coming up but it's my friends birthday tomorrow, on Thursday I'm going to one of the most beautiful places in Latvia - Liepāja, to present our firm with my colleagues and Sunday I'm going to wake up early -> math tutor -> help mom to set up table for our guests which are coming to celebrate my little brother 6th birthday which was yesterday (Oh my oh, I still remember how little and cute he was when he was just born..) -> etc. I've to plan everything because always forgot something and remember about it day before or when it's to late and sometimes I'm ready to do something else when I have plans already. Lately I've been really busy because of partying, I should really stop and spend more time with my family and I should study more. OK, there will be some photos I've been taken with my phone lately, enjoy: 

Gift from me and my sister to our cutest brother ever - big box full of Ze Donuts which is his fav goody.

Say hello to my morning face! Haha, it's not that bad because I've make up on my face... 

After long day in school pizza & beer is the best choice! w/ my sister!!!

Saturday chill and unique waterpipe! 

These two samples came about 2 weeks ago, I was pretty shocked that Escada sample really came because I ordered long time ago (not so long, maybe 2 months) and I already forgot about it.. But it came and totally for free! Cool! // I'm always in when it comes to testing products for free, even though this was just sample and I cannot decide do I really like it yet (because you have to try fondation for few more times to know how good it is, unfortunately sample is too small) but it feels great when Maybelline sends nice card with sample and info about product in it. :)

Tell me, do you plan your week? Are you busy all the time or having bunch of free time?

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  1. Oh really hope you will get better soon!!! Sounds bad...having a flu on a busy week. Try to eat more C-Vitamin, more and more cute little mandarines! :) They´re really good! They helped me lot not getting any cold in many years now...

    And regarding the free samples...I really wish we would have the opportunity to try more products :/ they´re not giving too much away...those small little envelopes with 3 drops of product...pft.

    Get well!!!
    Greetings from Finland!


    1. Thank you! I doing all my best to rest after school, because it's the moment when I feel really horrible, but I really don't want to skip school. So I'm drinking some pills, tea & watching hockey. Unfortunately, I don't eat mandarines, since I was.. 12 (?!?!) I don't even know why, haha. But I love the smell of them, so fresh.. I really don't understand myself sometimes.

      Yeah, it would be great to test more products in bigger packaging. It's like really 3 drops of product, how can you know do you like it or not? At least perfume samples which comes in little glass bottles are big enough to try them as long as you realize do you like them or not.. :)

      Thank you! :)

  2. I hope u will feel better soon!
    New post on my blog…let me know what u think about it!
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    1. Thank you for the best wishes. I will check out your blog Elisa.