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Hello everybody! Yesterday I had a blast with my friends, we celebrated Valentines Day last night at my dear friend place or should I say Alise's Magical World... Haha! Such a crazy night! Thanks to my friend & her boyfriend who came to pick me up and took me home, because I really wanted to sleep in my own bed and I really didn't want to go home 3 km with legs, alone. I was home about 4 in the morning. I wish you all had great Valentines Day!!! <3 <3 Lot's of love to you all!!! 

But today I wanted to wallow in memories... I just checked my distant relative Facebook profile photos and realized that she is amazing! She is looking so good even thought she is not that young anymore. And half of her profile photos are taken somewhere where it's sunny & warm; near to hilly locality or turquoise water, etc. I think that she have been traveled all around world and it's just because she is working in the tourism industry. It's just so amazing! I envy her a little bit (not for real, because we all know that envy is a bad thing) because it's obvious that she look that happy and cheerful in everyphoto just because she have been in so many different places, because of travelling - it's one of the best things in life! So when I saw photo of her where she's sitting at the table and morning sun shone on her, and there was mountains behind and it all looked so beautiful... I just really want to travel around the world! It would be amazing. But I can complain, because I do leave the country at least twice a year. However, since I got back home from Cyprus I'm thinking about job in tourism industry for a chance to see more of the world. But I'm dreaming about another profession and as I already have plans about it, I don't want to change my dream. But I've to say, that my dream profession and traveling all around the world is two things that I would love to do the most... I'm going to share with few of my favourite traveling photos. 

Cyprus 2013. I really want to go back there. It was one of the best time in my life.

Sweden - Stockholm 2013. Crazy trip with my bestie. 

Estonia 2013. Even thought it's so similar to Latvia, it's so amazing there.

Spain - Mallorca 2012. My first trip so far. 

Sweden - Stockholm 2011. Amazing photo.

And have about you? Do you travel a lot? Where have you been and where do you recommend to go? Let me know!

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  1. Lieliskas bildes :)


  2. wow i've been to almost all these places and wanto go there back too :(
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

    1. That is nice! I want to go back too.. :s
      Thank you. :)