Hello! I had really interesting weekend. Celebrated my friends name day, which was really nice chill with my girls, then we went to some bar but it there was no people so we went to friend of mine place. I've to say that end of evening was shit, real shit. Saturday I with my family celebrated my brothers 6th birthday, so all day I was a chef in kitchen -  helped my mom to make dinner to our guests and made tiramisu with my sister. It was a nice evening with our closest relatives. Sunday was really good day - it was really warm and sunny outside, seems that spring is coming! I went to capital city with my aunt and in the evening we went to see theater performace. I stayed at my aunts place, I drank hot tea with ginger & honey and went to sleep because I'm still sick - my ear hurts and I'm having sore throat + horrible cough. This morning as my aunt went to work, I woke up home alone. Had leisurely morning with good breakfast and long, hot shower and then I went to downtown, enjoyed shopping and beautiful Riga city, it's so nice to be here when it's warm & sunny outside. I wanted to stay longer in capital city, but I went home, went to flower shop to buy flowers for my mom and then I went home with my dad & brother. Right now I'm feeling so exhausted, oh my oh. But overall I'm feeling really good because weather outside is nice - spring is coming and this was really productive week. No school for me for a week! Just some preparation for something like prom night, this year I with my classmates are going to make everything for graduates. Now I'm going to see my friend Agate for a little walk around our village. :)

Usually I really hate mondays, but this one was really good and I wish that you all had great weekend and monday too! Tell me, how did you spent your weekend? :)

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