Flower print for winter season

I wish you all are doing just great, I just wanted to stop by and show you outfit photos which my sister made few days ago, thank you! Time fly away so fast, that's why I've to get ready for next week math tests, I've to study for at least 3 of them. Crazy, but it's only my fault that I'm not doing anything at all to improve my grades in math lessons. At least I'm having good grades in other subjects. Whatsoever, school isn't interesting topic to talk about. I'm going to get ready, I'm going to meet my friend and then we're going to our dear friend Agate, to celebrate her name day! I've to get ready and look great, and I've to feel great too! Where is my great mood which I had few hours back? 

Outfit I wore few days ago, flower print pants and ankle boots from Zara, which I'm loving it! Or maybe not.. At least I loved both of them when I bought them! Have amazing Friday night everyone!!! :) 

CropTown Leather jacket
H&M scarf
Ankle boots & pants Zara

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