February, oh my.

Friday night was a good night! A bit of drama again, but I don't care at all because I wasn't the one who made it. Good night overall with friends! Yesterday I spend time with my family, we went to our relatives house and had great time together. When I got home we (I & my sis) had some fun with our aunt, made some plans for future.. Something not so big and something BIG, when I'm thinking about it I feel like all my life is just a dream. Crazy! When I jumped in my bed, it was like 2 minutes and I fall asleep. I was really tired + hangover + champagne yesterday = good sleep. When I woke up today it was perfect time to do some online shopping! So I'm waiting for something I've been wanting for too long to come from ASOS + spontaneous purchase from Missguided! You'll see, I PROMISE! Then I organized my wardrobe, washed some clothes & started to plan next week events & just things to do *while drinking so good milkshake my sister made*. I've so beautiful planner! I had another one, who was pretty much minimalistic and I loved it too, but as I had two planners, I had too choose one of them to keep for myself and I choosed this beautiful Thomas Sabo ''Charm up your life'' planner, which is so cute! So yeah, it's time to start study now, I wish you all had great time with your friends & family - overall just great weekend!

Below few photos I've made lately:

Dining with my friend Agate.

I just love this dessert! It's an hot ice cream!

With my babe Sintija week ago!

This morning - milkshake & planning my week.

Can you imagine that it's already February? Just month left till March and then slowly spring is coming! Amazing how time passes by.

6 komentāri:

  1. Burvīgas bildes - ļoti jauks plānotājs, un ceptais saldējums, dievinu to :)


    1. Prieks dzirdēt! :)) Jā, mans mīļākais našķis.

  2. can't believe it's Feb. already!! time flies so fast...
    can't wait until spring is here though.

    ps. love the last pic! the thomas sabo agenda looks so cute!!

    lots of love xx

    1. Time flies so fast, yeah I totally agree! Can't wait for spring too...
      I love that planner! <3

  3. Nice planner! Mine is pretty...pink, so to say. I didn´t happen to find a nice simple one, except for my ''everyday'' planner the one I take with me to school, which has a relatively nice leather cover.

    And uuuuh! I am also expecting something from ASOS...wonder when it´s going to arrive! But looking forward to hear about what YOU ORDERED! ^^

    Have a nice week!


    1. The other one I had was really beautiful, it had black leather cover, if I'm not wrong, fake snake leather cover. But I decided that this Thomas Sabo planner is something that I need more than black leather one as I'm huge Thomas Sabo fan!!!

      I'm so curious! I hope you're going to share with your order too?!
      I'm definately going to share with my ASOS order! :))