Hey my dear followers! How is it going? Today I woke up around 11 AM, made healthy breakfast (OK, actually I made just green tea for me and then I found banana and yogurt + mueasli bar, which was awful, so I ate just half of it, haha) then I watched TV a little bit and then I was started to tidy up my room, organised my wardrobe, changed the bed clothes, then cleaned my room with vacuum cleaner, washed clothes and then it was time for lunch (green tea + chicken salad with cucumber, dried tomatos, pesto & balsamic cream - perfect!) and manicure. Then again I did few things and watched TV a little bit + went out for a walk with my sister and now it would be perfect time for hot shower, sleep and maybe some good movie? I think I'm going to watch TV instead. Tomorrow I've to go to school, oh I really don't want to, but it's going to be just few things to do there.

Weather outside today was bleak, that's sad because I really love those sunny & warm spring days, but I can't complain because what else can you ask when it's 26th February? Usually about this time of year it's still cold and snowy outside... Anyway, I really want to spring come faster and then I want to enjoy summer time. Few days ago I found perfect summer dress on Revolve clothing shop. Check it out below! I really can't wait for spring/summer outfits to wear! How about you?

What do you think? Tell me!



Hello! I had really interesting weekend. Celebrated my friends name day, which was really nice chill with my girls, then we went to some bar but it there was no people so we went to friend of mine place. I've to say that end of evening was shit, real shit. Saturday I with my family celebrated my brothers 6th birthday, so all day I was a chef in kitchen -  helped my mom to make dinner to our guests and made tiramisu with my sister. It was a nice evening with our closest relatives. Sunday was really good day - it was really warm and sunny outside, seems that spring is coming! I went to capital city with my aunt and in the evening we went to see theater performace. I stayed at my aunts place, I drank hot tea with ginger & honey and went to sleep because I'm still sick - my ear hurts and I'm having sore throat + horrible cough. This morning as my aunt went to work, I woke up home alone. Had leisurely morning with good breakfast and long, hot shower and then I went to downtown, enjoyed shopping and beautiful Riga city, it's so nice to be here when it's warm & sunny outside. I wanted to stay longer in capital city, but I went home, went to flower shop to buy flowers for my mom and then I went home with my dad & brother. Right now I'm feeling so exhausted, oh my oh. But overall I'm feeling really good because weather outside is nice - spring is coming and this was really productive week. No school for me for a week! Just some preparation for something like prom night, this year I with my classmates are going to make everything for graduates. Now I'm going to see my friend Agate for a little walk around our village. :)

Usually I really hate mondays, but this one was really good and I wish that you all had great weekend and monday too! Tell me, how did you spent your weekend? :)



Hello sweeties! I'm feeling so bad right now, even can't describe how bad. Yesterdey I started to feel bad - sore throat, runny nose, headache and when I woke up this morning I had no voice. I just couldn't talk. Later I got my voice back and then I started to feel good again, but when I got home I felt just horrible. Right now it feels really weird - no appetite, headache which feels really weird and sore throat... I just drank some analgesic tablets, I wish I will feel better soon. Right now it's time for tea and my planner - I've to plan all events which I've this week. OK, I don't have big things coming up but it's my friends birthday tomorrow, on Thursday I'm going to one of the most beautiful places in Latvia - Liepāja, to present our firm with my colleagues and Sunday I'm going to wake up early -> math tutor -> help mom to set up table for our guests which are coming to celebrate my little brother 6th birthday which was yesterday (Oh my oh, I still remember how little and cute he was when he was just born..) -> etc. I've to plan everything because always forgot something and remember about it day before or when it's to late and sometimes I'm ready to do something else when I have plans already. Lately I've been really busy because of partying, I should really stop and spend more time with my family and I should study more. OK, there will be some photos I've been taken with my phone lately, enjoy: 

Gift from me and my sister to our cutest brother ever - big box full of Ze Donuts which is his fav goody.

Say hello to my morning face! Haha, it's not that bad because I've make up on my face... 

After long day in school pizza & beer is the best choice! w/ my sister!!!

Saturday chill and unique waterpipe! 

These two samples came about 2 weeks ago, I was pretty shocked that Escada sample really came because I ordered long time ago (not so long, maybe 2 months) and I already forgot about it.. But it came and totally for free! Cool! // I'm always in when it comes to testing products for free, even though this was just sample and I cannot decide do I really like it yet (because you have to try fondation for few more times to know how good it is, unfortunately sample is too small) but it feels great when Maybelline sends nice card with sample and info about product in it. :)

Tell me, do you plan your week? Are you busy all the time or having bunch of free time?



*Yawn* I think I should take a break from partying. Yesterday I had hangover -> Had to go to celebrate my old classmate 18th birthday -> We had great night -> Friend of mine took us home -> Woke up today having hangover. Craaazy weekend! I really loved last two nights, new people and great time together. But I should stop partying, because it's too much. Last weekend I got Hot Tamale badge on Foursquare because I checked in some local bar sixth week in a row. It's time to rest. :) 

Today I want to share with my weheartit profile. I know I've done this before, but just in case if you're interested you can check out photos on my profile which inspires me the most. And if you're interested - follow me! 

Few more links:
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How did you spent your weekend? Let me know! 


Please, take me somewhere else

Hello everybody! Yesterday I had a blast with my friends, we celebrated Valentines Day last night at my dear friend place or should I say Alise's Magical World... Haha! Such a crazy night! Thanks to my friend & her boyfriend who came to pick me up and took me home, because I really wanted to sleep in my own bed and I really didn't want to go home 3 km with legs, alone. I was home about 4 in the morning. I wish you all had great Valentines Day!!! <3 <3 Lot's of love to you all!!! 

But today I wanted to wallow in memories... I just checked my distant relative Facebook profile photos and realized that she is amazing! She is looking so good even thought she is not that young anymore. And half of her profile photos are taken somewhere where it's sunny & warm; near to hilly locality or turquoise water, etc. I think that she have been traveled all around world and it's just because she is working in the tourism industry. It's just so amazing! I envy her a little bit (not for real, because we all know that envy is a bad thing) because it's obvious that she look that happy and cheerful in everyphoto just because she have been in so many different places, because of travelling - it's one of the best things in life! So when I saw photo of her where she's sitting at the table and morning sun shone on her, and there was mountains behind and it all looked so beautiful... I just really want to travel around the world! It would be amazing. But I can complain, because I do leave the country at least twice a year. However, since I got back home from Cyprus I'm thinking about job in tourism industry for a chance to see more of the world. But I'm dreaming about another profession and as I already have plans about it, I don't want to change my dream. But I've to say, that my dream profession and traveling all around the world is two things that I would love to do the most... I'm going to share with few of my favourite traveling photos. 

Cyprus 2013. I really want to go back there. It was one of the best time in my life.

Sweden - Stockholm 2013. Crazy trip with my bestie. 

Estonia 2013. Even thought it's so similar to Latvia, it's so amazing there.

Spain - Mallorca 2012. My first trip so far. 

Sweden - Stockholm 2011. Amazing photo.

And have about you? Do you travel a lot? Where have you been and where do you recommend to go? Let me know!


Olivia Burton

Hello! I'm feeling so tired today. I'm going to drink my green tea and rest in my bed. My head is going to explode, at least it feels like it. And then it's time for homework. And tomorrow is Friday. Valentine Day. Woohoo! I'm going to watch Titanic and sleep in my comfy bed. I don't want to do anything tomorrow night! And I wish that my friends will not decide to have huge party somewhere because then I'm going to celebreate Valentine Day with them, but I don't want to. It's so hard to decide when I both love partying & my bed so much, haha!

Today I wanted to show you something that arrived yesterday... The most beautiful wristwatch ever - Olivia Burton big dial gold bracelet watch. I ordered it from ASOS (Right now it's out of stock) and after 10 days it finally came! I thought that it will take 2 weeks, but it was so fast! And my Missguided dress arrived too! Oh happy day! So here is photo of my watch, going to tell more later.

Do you have Olivia Burton watch? Let me know how is it!



Hello! I think that Saturday has become my official hangover day. At least next week is the last week when I'm partying, because nobody close to me will have birthday or something for a while. I'm feel tired emotionally. Emotionally unproductive if I can say this. My life right now is just... I don't know what to think! Whatsoever, everything is going to be fine! 

By the way, have you seen those beautiful photos which I found on the Michael Kors facebook page? I'm huge fan of Michael Kors since I've saw MK wristwatch for the first time in my whole life. It was love from the first sight! Bags, clothes, jewelry & watches, wallets, shoes, oh my oh, I love almost every single thing on their online store. So today I decided to share with some photos I found on they MK facebook page, enjoy! 

What do you think? Which is your favorite brand ever? Let me know!


Flower print for winter season

I wish you all are doing just great, I just wanted to stop by and show you outfit photos which my sister made few days ago, thank you! Time fly away so fast, that's why I've to get ready for next week math tests, I've to study for at least 3 of them. Crazy, but it's only my fault that I'm not doing anything at all to improve my grades in math lessons. At least I'm having good grades in other subjects. Whatsoever, school isn't interesting topic to talk about. I'm going to get ready, I'm going to meet my friend and then we're going to our dear friend Agate, to celebrate her name day! I've to get ready and look great, and I've to feel great too! Where is my great mood which I had few hours back? 

Outfit I wore few days ago, flower print pants and ankle boots from Zara, which I'm loving it! Or maybe not.. At least I loved both of them when I bought them! Have amazing Friday night everyone!!! :) 

CropTown Leather jacket
H&M scarf
Ankle boots & pants Zara


Slave to Love

Hi! Today wasn't as bad as I expected. Even thought I again woke up about 7:45 AM, so I didn't have time to dress up, etc for school, but on other hand I never do it anyway, so whatever. I wasn't in the right mood but somehow day ended good. Fun time with friends at school and when I got home my sister greeted me with pizza & lemon beer! What can be better? (Right now I'm thinking ''Of course something healthy'' because for a second time today my stomach ache was back. It's not funny anymore, no more junk food for me!) Right now I'm listening Bryan Ferry - Slave to Love (1985), it's such an amazing song! I love it!!! While listening to it, I've realized that I've few more things to do, then I'm going to freshen up and paint my nails and I should start to read the book, it's my only one homework for today. But before I do that -->

Have you seen Zara Spring/Summer 2014 collection? I've chosen few of my favourite clothes to show you (from Zara woman + TRF) and I've to say that this time there are so many things I like. Lately I've been thinking that Zara have became a little bit boring, at least for me and all these prices for clothes that are manufactured in Taiwan, I mean are they worth the price? OK, they do have some really stunning things in assortment but still it's nothing amazing. Maybe it's just me, because Zara have been my fav place to shop for years and when I do shopping I always check out Zara offer, so it's obvious that lately it have bored me. But as I said before this time there are some things I really like so I'm going to share with you guys!

Really simple shirt, but I've been wanting shirt like this for ages now! Something simple but not too much to wear when going to school (or job). 

When I saw this gorgeous dress! Oh my oh, so inspiring! I would definately wear dress like this, but then I've to lose at least 10kg of my weight. Or maybe 15kg. Not gonna happen soon, but still I love this dress!

These leather skinnies going to be mine!!! Love them! I really need to go to capital city for mini shopping, because I want these so badly! 

So what do you think? What do you think of Zara in general? What do you think of SS2014? Let me know!


HELP! Need some healthy diet recommendation!!!

Here I am - sitting on the floor, while writing this and having huge abdominal pain. Feeling like I'm going to faint. And this is the second time today when my stomach is just killing me. The other one was in school, I tried to sit calmly and smile, while I thought that I'm going to faint. But I'm not complaining, I can only blame myself because all I'm eating is just junk food. OK, I don't eat chips & drink coke and all this kind of stuff, sweets - lately I don't eat them as much as in my past, but home made food (which no matter who have been made it) is just greasy and just not healthy! It's just my fault that I feel like I feel right now, 'cause I have to stop eating everything that much. Because I eat like pig. Not joking. I've to change it! I HAVE TO! I want to feel & look good.

Look at me! Happy, normal sized girl. Summer 2011, when I was 15 years old. Not sure. Haha!
(Not the best photo of me, but still, I was happy back then, so it's worth to post it!)

Lately I've been working out a little bit. Last month there was just 4 times when I didn't, because I wasn't at home. I will continure. Today I finally went to gym. I'm so proud of myself! So every monday from now I'm going to gym! But what I'm asking from you? Title of this post already says what I want from you all, my dear readers = friends. If you can recommend me some good healthy diet or just some healthy food recipes, smoothies, etc + the basics of eating & feeling good, please share with me! What do you do, how did you started, what's your ''must do'' to feel good?

I hope you all had good & peaceful Monday!


February, oh my.

Friday night was a good night! A bit of drama again, but I don't care at all because I wasn't the one who made it. Good night overall with friends! Yesterday I spend time with my family, we went to our relatives house and had great time together. When I got home we (I & my sis) had some fun with our aunt, made some plans for future.. Something not so big and something BIG, when I'm thinking about it I feel like all my life is just a dream. Crazy! When I jumped in my bed, it was like 2 minutes and I fall asleep. I was really tired + hangover + champagne yesterday = good sleep. When I woke up today it was perfect time to do some online shopping! So I'm waiting for something I've been wanting for too long to come from ASOS + spontaneous purchase from Missguided! You'll see, I PROMISE! Then I organized my wardrobe, washed some clothes & started to plan next week events & just things to do *while drinking so good milkshake my sister made*. I've so beautiful planner! I had another one, who was pretty much minimalistic and I loved it too, but as I had two planners, I had too choose one of them to keep for myself and I choosed this beautiful Thomas Sabo ''Charm up your life'' planner, which is so cute! So yeah, it's time to start study now, I wish you all had great time with your friends & family - overall just great weekend!

Below few photos I've made lately:

Dining with my friend Agate.

I just love this dessert! It's an hot ice cream!

With my babe Sintija week ago!

This morning - milkshake & planning my week.

Can you imagine that it's already February? Just month left till March and then slowly spring is coming! Amazing how time passes by.