Weekend finally

Hello my dear readers. *Yawn* Sleepy mood somehow have been with me last hours. Today at school I had 7 lessons - test in history, test in bussiness studies and test in math, which took two learning lessons, then I had physics lesson which was just terribly boring and then laboratory work in chemistry, which also took two learning lessons, after school I went to friends place to correct the lesson we've to send to some company and then I went home and it's so cold outside! Yesterday it was -17 degrees by Celsium, today it's -10 degrees by Celsium but it's almost as cold as it was yesterday because of wind which is just incredibly powerful. At least it's Friday! So I've to get ready for my girls 18th birthday party. She was in Spain recently so I'm curious to know how it was there! Can't wait to see my girls!!! So shower, hair, manicure, make up --> then I'm meeting my friend --> then we're going to birthday girl place! I wish I won't going to die because it's really cold outside (at least I can't handle it anymore). I've to stay alive, haha, because I've so many things to do tomorrow. I hope you all will have wonderful weekend!!! Kisses. 

So.. Photo of me! Hoho. *Cyprus* I don't like this photo at all and I was too lazy to edit it, but yh, at least something to look at! Haha <3
Made by my sister.

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