Thomas Sabo

Hi!!! I know that I already showed my birthday gift (Thomas Sabo bracelet) but it's so beautiful that I can't stop looking at it. So I decided to show you few more pictures and share with story how did I get it. So as you know one of my birthday gifts was Iphone 5. It was one really early birthday gift! However, last time when I visited my aunt, she said that she want to give me something special for mybirthday, something I will always keep next to me and never will throw out. Something like earrings, necklase or maybe ring. As I don't wear rings & necklases often and thought that the're no need for expensive jewelry if I will not wear it I decided that I want wristwatch or bracelet, because those are things that I like and wear way more often. (My other idea was Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, but lately I lose at least one of my earrings while partying, so it would be stupid idea to waste money when I know, that I will lose that thing.) After all we decided to visit Thomas Sabo jewelry store to buy gift for me - silver bracelet with appendant charms. I had to decide which three charms I'm going to have and I decided that I will take one little charm which is saying 18  (as it was gift because of my 18th birthday) and has one cute cloverleaf with it, another one which was letter E (because my name is Elizabete) and other one was one little, shiny, pink diamond + one of charms was for free, it was silver heart with name 'love' on it. I was so happy about my choice and I have to say that this is first expensive (for me it is quite expensive gift) jewelry which I have in my jewelry box! 

And I want to mention that Thomas Sabo is one wonderful jewelry store! They have so many beautiful things from earrings, cufflinks, rings and charms to wristwatches not just for ladies' but for man's too! It's pretty amazing! They have so many beautiful & cute charms, oh my oh, it's so hard to decide which one I like the most and I want them all at once, haha! If you're interested, check out they online site by clicking HERE, they have SALE right now!

(Photos by my sister)
And how about you? Do you have something from Thomas Sabo? Do you like this brand? Let me know!
Have a nice day everyone! 

5 komentāri:

  1. Ahh so gorgeous! Lucky you, getting such a fabulous bracelet for your birthday! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I love it! And actually I still can't believe that I have it...

  2. Burvīga rokasprādze, man vienmēr ir ļoti patikušas charm bracelets, bet kaut kā ļoti bieži sanāk, ka tie maziņie kuloniņi pazūd! :/
    Tiešām lieliskas dāvana, sev arī labprāt vēlētos kaut ko tādu saņemt! :)


    1. Man tā ir pirmā rokassprādze ar piekariņiem, ļoti bail, ka kaut kur nepazaudēju. :/
      Šī ir lieliska dāvana! Ir jauki, ka to var padarīt personisku ar tiem pašiem vārda pirmajiem burtiem un tā :)