I was pretty not in mood and I really wanted to see/do something that would cheer me up but at the same time I was in my bed and I didn't wanted to do anything at all. I was pretty worried about my physics test tomorrow and other things that I've to do tomorrow. I though that this day is going to be worthless but you know what happened? I saw this beauty - black suede Saint Laurent 'the Shopping' tote featuring a top open closure, contrasting leather panels at the opening and a leather lining with a zip fastening pouch attachment. ''Oh my oh,'' I thought ''It's is love at first sight!'' Amazinlgy simple Saint Laurent bag but at the same time it's so admirable. Love it & definately would love to see it in my wardrobe!!!

(click on pic to see full link to it) 
And how are you? Let me know!
Kisses <3

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  1. It´s actually pretty! ^^ Too bad the prices are pretty crazy for us students :D ...


    1. It's so simple, but at the same time it's Saint Laurant.. And yeah, it's too expensive, that's for sure. :D