Simplicity vs. Feminine

Hi! I hope you all had great weekend! Mine was really good - friday night with friends, saturday I spend with my family at our sauna, so it was like little SPA night for me and today I woke up and it was so sunny! Way more warmer than other days! (Just -7 degrees by Celsium) Did some productive things and not so, but overall it was great weekend! I have to do my homeworks and I'm ready for next week! :) If weather will stay this sunny and not too cold I will have strength to keep going and smile!

Whenever I'm going out with friends to some local bars I always want to dress up but not too much, because in where I live nobody would estimate it anyway, however no matter how simple I will dress up when going out I will always highlight my outfit with something feminine & fancy like good perfume! I just can't wait for Spring time, it's the last time to buy some light jumpers and lace bras like one in this set I made and it's time to buy some heels for me too. I have ones but they're more for winter time, so I have to buy some Spring/Summer heels and of course new bag! I would love to have this beautiful Saint Laurent bag which is also in this set, but oh my oh, it's too expensive for me unfortunately! But maybe someday soon.. I've to go! 

Simplicity vs. Feminine by hellodope featuring lips

Do you already plan your Spring time outfit? Let me know!!!
Kisses <3 

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, I love going to sauna :). And such great pieces! Totally digging the rock-feminine-chic trend at the moment.


    1. I had really good weekend, hope you had amazing weekend as well! :)