Hello everyone! Song of today - Pharrell Williams - Happy. Why? I will tell you. Yesterday after school my best friend Zane was at my place, I made dinner for her - delicious pizza and then we ate cake I got for my 18th birthday day before. Later we had chilly evening with my sister, we listened to some good music and smoked hookah. When she went home I went to sleep. I was so sleepy when I woke up about 6 PM but mom called my sister and said that we should start getting ready because we'll go to the cafe. Parents & us. I thought: ''OK. Mom isn't that spontaneous. What the hell? But hey, mom would never do something as spontaneous as making suprise party, right?'' I did quick make up and then mom arrived. We went to cafe. Waitress said that they have private party, so we can go to guest house and she will serve us there and then she waited for our answer. Mom asked to me:''Are we staying?'' I was like ''Umm, yes.'' We're going to guest house and I was puzzled and asked to mom:''How they will serve us food if it's rainy outside? What the hell?'' We went into guest house and BOOOOOM! MY CLOSEST RELATIVES AND FRIENDS WERE THERE AND SANG TO ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ELIZABETE! I was shaking. I was looking at everyone. I almost cried. I think I've never felt so happy before in my whole life. We sat down and it was cozy & nice evening with my loved ones. When my adults went home, few other friends joined us. Good music, friends around, we danced and laughed. I will not mention some drama which happened at the end of evening, but overall everything was just amazing! I just wanted to say how happy and pleased I am. I just can't believe that my mom & dad did this all to me. I just can't believe that I've so amazing family and friends. I can't believe that life is so good to me. And I wish that everyone have felt or will feel this amazing feeling someday. I'm so, so thankful!!! Below few photos of yesterday:

With my dad's brother's family.

My lovely girls! In front of right side Agate, Sintija & Zane, behind me, Lāsma & Arlita.
Love you babes! <3

Flowers from my loved ones!

One of the gifts. Thomas Sabo bracelet. Love it!!!

So tell me have you ever been in suprise party as guest/the one for who suprise party is made for? How did you felt? Let me know!

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