Dreams and not only

You're going to die anyway by hellodope featuring white home decor

 Before I start to talk, some of you may don't get why there are some cigarettes & lighter in this set. I just think it goes in here. There is some beauty about smoke-covered cigarette, for me it's so charming to see other people smoking, because some of they do it differently. (I recall that smoking is bad for your health and you should not do it! And it's not stylish at all!!! And I know what I'm doing to myself, some of you know that I've this habbit for years now.) Back to the point why I'm telling about cigarettes in this set - imagine how perfect it is to wake up, wearing just underwear and sitting on windowsill while looking out of a window and enjoying morning glamor with some black coffee & cigarettes and in morning like this you don't think of anything, you just dream about your future. Maybe it's just me...

 Lately I've found that I'm such a daydreamer - all the time I'm thinking of something that isn't going to happen, something that will happen after few years and just other things. Usually I dreamed about something and then I felt like sh#t because I knew that I can't do anything about my future and things as they are.. What the hell?! Of course I can do something about my future, I can change it if I will start eat healthy (at least try and know how is it), start going to gym or at least exercise at home, start thinking about grades and my education in future, about options, quit smoking, etc. I can do everything! And you can do it too!!! We all can! Stop dreaming about your beautiful future - do something to make it as you want it. I'm pretty sure about my future plans and I know what should I start to do to become a successful person. OK, maybe at the moment it all sounds silly, but we all should look at ourselves and understand that we can change something only if we really want it. And we all should start to believe ourselves. We should stop dream about things and start to do something to change our lifes. 

So tell me, what's your biggest dream? Or about what you're dreaming most of time? Are you a big dreamer? I'm curious to know!

2 komentāri:

  1. sexīgs komplektiņš ;)
    Un sapņoju es bieži un daudz- jo sapņi, bieži vien ir arī mērķi- man gan laikam gribas teikt, ka vairāk cenšos sapņus nostādīt kā mērķus un reāli uz tiem tiekties, lai tos piepildītu :)


    1. Tieši to es vēlējos pateikt, tikai kā vienmēr sapņot un domājot pareizos noformulējumus tā arī nelieku īsto domu rakstā. Bet jā, vajag sapņus pārvēst mērķos. Celties kājās, darīt visu tiktu līdz savam mērķim! :)