Champagne, drama, gambling but overall great night

So yesterday was really spontaneous. I woke up in good mood, made some breakfast for me, listened to Beyonce new album with sister & then went to my math home teacher to study. After that I met my best friend, we went to her place and made some tasty & super healthy dinner for us - spicy chicken with vegetables and rice, everything mixed together and some lemon beer to enjoy our lunch to the fullest, haha! When I went home I decided that I don't want to spend my saturday evening at home so I started to get ready for the night, went to my Agates & Sintijas home to chill with some great appetizers and champagne, then we went to another crib and had interesting time there and our night ended up at some local bar just chillin' on the second floor and watching how boys played billiard. All I drank all night was champagne, because I really don't see reason why should I drink something stronger than champage (vodka, whiskey, whatever with 40%) because lately I don't give a single fuck *Sorry* what others think -- You don't have to be drunk to have a good time! And I hate that my friends don't get it - I'm not going to drink something else but champagne, beer or cider. If I feel good the way I am and if I have party mood without drinking yet, you have to respect it. I just really don't miss that feeling when you're so drunk, that next morning you really regret everything you said & did. BUT even thought that yesterday I drank just a little bit of champagne, I feel like shit today. #hangover? OK, maybe it's because we went home about 6:30 in the morning and for me good sleep is something really neccessary. I believe that this is reason why I feel pretty bad today. But overall I had great night! My favourite party girls, best company later & not so bad chill at the local bar w/ friends and after all we went to gambling, for the first time I won something!!! 2 euros! Can you imagine it? :D And how about you? How did you spent your weekend? Let me know!

Lately I've been checking out ASOS offer and sales, because I think I'm going to order wristwatch from ASOS, but while searching for perfect wristwatch I've found so many beautiful things, to share with! Check them out below! 

I'm just loving this Mango Cropped Fitted biker jacket and all look together is just so inspiring! 

This blazer is so perfect! Maison Scotch blazer with Beaded Detail

Just loving this coat which is with removable leather vest on it. But I definately like the way it looks like it is!

Adidas jumper & pants... AMAZING! Want this set because it look not just comfy but stylish too! 

OK, this WILDFOX set is just.. Actually more than amazing! Gorgeous! It looks so comy. Have to have it!

So, what do you think? All these clothes I found because of BIG sales on ASOS right now.
Love that store even more because no matter where do you live shipping is for free!
I hope you had great weekend everyone!

6 komentāri:

  1. Patīk parka ar ādas vesti, jo šīs jakas visur ir tik vienveidīgas, bet šī ir interesanta, pateicoties vestītei :)
    Es arī dievinu Asos - pārāk daudz laika pavadu tajā lapā :D

    1. PIlnībā piekrītu! :)
      Es būtu gatava iepirkties tikai un vienīgi iekš Asos. :D

  2. Pēdējā laikā ļoti piesaista apģērba gabali, kuros ir ādas (mākslīgās, protams) elementi! Tas mētelītis/parka ar to vesti izskatās baigi forši un interesanti! :)
    Runājot par ballēšanos, piekrītu, ka jautri var būt arī bez stipro alkoholu lietošanas, jābūt vienīgi pareizajā kompānijā ar lieliskiem cilvēkiem! :)


    1. Jā, uz mētelīti es skatos jau labu laiciņu, tomēr uz pavasari neceļas roka pirkt camo mētelīti, jo zinu, ka šovakar gribēšu gaišus & spilgtus toņus savā skapī, hehe! Bet mētelītis (un arī tā cena) ir ļoti labs!!!
      Tieši tā! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures ! <3