Weekend finally

Hello my dear readers. *Yawn* Sleepy mood somehow have been with me last hours. Today at school I had 7 lessons - test in history, test in bussiness studies and test in math, which took two learning lessons, then I had physics lesson which was just terribly boring and then laboratory work in chemistry, which also took two learning lessons, after school I went to friends place to correct the lesson we've to send to some company and then I went home and it's so cold outside! Yesterday it was -17 degrees by Celsium, today it's -10 degrees by Celsium but it's almost as cold as it was yesterday because of wind which is just incredibly powerful. At least it's Friday! So I've to get ready for my girls 18th birthday party. She was in Spain recently so I'm curious to know how it was there! Can't wait to see my girls!!! So shower, hair, manicure, make up --> then I'm meeting my friend --> then we're going to birthday girl place! I wish I won't going to die because it's really cold outside (at least I can't handle it anymore). I've to stay alive, haha, because I've so many things to do tomorrow. I hope you all will have wonderful weekend!!! Kisses. 

So.. Photo of me! Hoho. *Cyprus* I don't like this photo at all and I was too lazy to edit it, but yh, at least something to look at! Haha <3
Made by my sister.


Few things I just want to say out loud.

Hello lovelies! I hope your day was (and still is) good! Mine was.. Pretty good, but lately I'm feeling confused about things that is happening in my life and not only. I'm thinking about value of life, family and friends. Of course, it's obvious that life is life and we all have diffirent opinion about life and value of it, I can't change that and I can't change your point of view in any other values but lately I've been thinking about everything, I mean EVERYTHING and slowly but neatly summarize things & people who means something to me. I've been found out that the're some person which lately I don't like to see near to me, because you know? Everything that person do & say is just BIG bullshit. I just can't respect person who's personality is just sh#t. I'm sorry that I talk like this, but I've to say it loud! And I don't mention this to anyone personally, so why not? I found out that it feels so good to be with people who are real to me and I can have fun without all that personal shit I've with others, like: I think I've friendship with someone but is it real friendship if the person lie to me or give an promise which again is just bullshit, etc? No, it's not real friendship. Also the important thing is that I can have healthy relationship and/or friendship only if both of us are happy. I'm not happy with my friendship anymore. Like for years. I feel like shit, worthless. And guilty because I'm sure that I'm the only one who's seeing the problem. I think it's the right time when isolate myself from feelings and the person, because all I want (right now) in my life is true friendship! And I'm so thankful that God gave me one wonderful person who means a world to me..

I (or should I say we) have this tattoo for 7 months and 7 days, can you believe it? It's a little heart on my left shoulder and my friend have same heart on her left shoulder too. It may sound banal, unnecessarily and overall stupid to some of you, but for me this tattoo means true friendship. I've seen my girl crying and she have seen me crying, we've been beside to each other when our first boyfriends came and broke our hearts (or should I say, that we broke their hearts..) and other beautiful things, memories & dreams to mention. I'm just trying to say, that I hope you all have friend like I have! And if you don't - don't be sad! Someday soon..

However, I may have one true friend and other good friends as well, but if there will be the same unhappy friendship near to me I will never be happy. Because if I would like, then right now I would not talk to that person and I will always feel guilty, 'cause I'm the one who doesn't feel happy with friendship I have and at the same time I'm the one who keep her mouth shut. I can say one thing (about relationship) that I clearly know - I will never marry someone who I don't love, no matter how much I like that person, no matter how much that person means to me, because my happiness is the only thing I should care about. Then why right now I don't do anything about my friendship? I don't know. No matter how much hate I have in me, the're love in my heart too. 

Right now I would be so happy to go away for some weeks to some sunny & warm place and have great time with family or some great friend of mine... I just need rest from routine in my life. I need strenght to keep going because I've big plans for future and the're no reason to stop right now!!!

Have you ever had situation like this? Tell me, I'm curious to know!


Simplicity vs. Feminine

Hi! I hope you all had great weekend! Mine was really good - friday night with friends, saturday I spend with my family at our sauna, so it was like little SPA night for me and today I woke up and it was so sunny! Way more warmer than other days! (Just -7 degrees by Celsium) Did some productive things and not so, but overall it was great weekend! I have to do my homeworks and I'm ready for next week! :) If weather will stay this sunny and not too cold I will have strength to keep going and smile!

Whenever I'm going out with friends to some local bars I always want to dress up but not too much, because in where I live nobody would estimate it anyway, however no matter how simple I will dress up when going out I will always highlight my outfit with something feminine & fancy like good perfume! I just can't wait for Spring time, it's the last time to buy some light jumpers and lace bras like one in this set I made and it's time to buy some heels for me too. I have ones but they're more for winter time, so I have to buy some Spring/Summer heels and of course new bag! I would love to have this beautiful Saint Laurent bag which is also in this set, but oh my oh, it's too expensive for me unfortunately! But maybe someday soon.. I've to go! 

Simplicity vs. Feminine by hellodope featuring lips

Do you already plan your Spring time outfit? Let me know!!!
Kisses <3 


Which ones?

Hello. How are you guys? I'm fine. Yesterday I wanted to stay at home, to relax and study a little bit to my math test which I've to write next week. But one of my friends said:''Oh come on, let's do something tonight!'' I thought:''Nop!'' And then I got text message from my bestie, we had short conversation and I thought:''Yh, why not?'' Quick shower and I was ready to go! Went to Lāsma's place, we had short gossip and then we already was at our friend place. Chilly night with friends, which for me ended up at local bar again, but I was there just for few songs, to dance and then I went home. Having little bit hangover feeling today, but whatever, night was good! Today I went to my math teacher and now I'm waiting for some info about tonight, can't decided what to do tonight! But seems that I'm going to sit home, because I really want to relax! And how about you? 

I wanted to post collage of Nike running & other shoes - I'm thinking of getting some for myself. But which ones? Do I really need running shoes if I'm not running, just working out but never outside? So maybe I should get just some Air Max for me for everyday routine? Can you recommend me something?!

Let me know what do you think about these beauties!
Kisses <3 



I was pretty not in mood and I really wanted to see/do something that would cheer me up but at the same time I was in my bed and I didn't wanted to do anything at all. I was pretty worried about my physics test tomorrow and other things that I've to do tomorrow. I though that this day is going to be worthless but you know what happened? I saw this beauty - black suede Saint Laurent 'the Shopping' tote featuring a top open closure, contrasting leather panels at the opening and a leather lining with a zip fastening pouch attachment. ''Oh my oh,'' I thought ''It's is love at first sight!'' Amazinlgy simple Saint Laurent bag but at the same time it's so admirable. Love it & definately would love to see it in my wardrobe!!!

(click on pic to see full link to it) 
And how are you? Let me know!
Kisses <3


Let's do this!

Do you feel it guys? (Talking with all those who live near to me, he) OK, it's just January and it's really cold outside, but hey that sun which is shining all the time lately make me feel like it's spring already! But yeah, probably it's just me because I always get too excited when we think/talk/dream about spring. Naive me. Yesterday was just great! After easy day at school I with my best friend went to capital city. We were going to buy wristwatch for her, but unfortunately we didn't bought it, so we're going to Riga someday soon again. We had big pizza with spicy chicken & pineapples for lunch with some orange grog because we wanted to warm up ourselves. Then we had a walk to nearest shopping mall Galerija Centrs, we checked what's new in H&M and I finally found something that I wanted for so long!!! *You will see photo of it below.* Bought few more things for me, nothing big or special so I decided not to share with these things this time. (May I say that as usually I'm not going to share with new things because I just always forgot to? *I'm sorry*) So we walked around and then we decided to relax with some cocktails before going home. I had stawnberry mojito which was just great. Then we went to buy sweets for my brother and then we had to go to bus station to go home. I was home really early, thanks to my best girls friend who brought us home with his car. I had so great mood yesterday and today too, I wish it will be as good as it is all week!
Below: few photos from yesterday & lately from my instagram

 Cute birthday gift in really cute box. <3

Flowers from my loved ones. //Birthday. 

Half of my best friends & best party bunch! Love these girls! 

Orange grog. Oh it was so good.

Pizza with spicy chicken and pineapple topping. 

When I'm eating @ Čilli Pica I'm always having this - mascarpone, ice cream and meringue dessert with black currants. Love it!!! 

Bought white jacket! Wanted something like this for so long time. Can't wait for spring/summer season to wear it! I've imagined so many nice outfits already. <3

Fresh stawnberry mojito

Stenders is having huge sale right now, so if you've Stenders shop near to you - go check it out.

How did you spend your first working/school day? I wish you all will have great and successful week!


Champagne, drama, gambling but overall great night

So yesterday was really spontaneous. I woke up in good mood, made some breakfast for me, listened to Beyonce new album with sister & then went to my math home teacher to study. After that I met my best friend, we went to her place and made some tasty & super healthy dinner for us - spicy chicken with vegetables and rice, everything mixed together and some lemon beer to enjoy our lunch to the fullest, haha! When I went home I decided that I don't want to spend my saturday evening at home so I started to get ready for the night, went to my Agates & Sintijas home to chill with some great appetizers and champagne, then we went to another crib and had interesting time there and our night ended up at some local bar just chillin' on the second floor and watching how boys played billiard. All I drank all night was champagne, because I really don't see reason why should I drink something stronger than champage (vodka, whiskey, whatever with 40%) because lately I don't give a single fuck *Sorry* what others think -- You don't have to be drunk to have a good time! And I hate that my friends don't get it - I'm not going to drink something else but champagne, beer or cider. If I feel good the way I am and if I have party mood without drinking yet, you have to respect it. I just really don't miss that feeling when you're so drunk, that next morning you really regret everything you said & did. BUT even thought that yesterday I drank just a little bit of champagne, I feel like shit today. #hangover? OK, maybe it's because we went home about 6:30 in the morning and for me good sleep is something really neccessary. I believe that this is reason why I feel pretty bad today. But overall I had great night! My favourite party girls, best company later & not so bad chill at the local bar w/ friends and after all we went to gambling, for the first time I won something!!! 2 euros! Can you imagine it? :D And how about you? How did you spent your weekend? Let me know!

Lately I've been checking out ASOS offer and sales, because I think I'm going to order wristwatch from ASOS, but while searching for perfect wristwatch I've found so many beautiful things, to share with! Check them out below! 

I'm just loving this Mango Cropped Fitted biker jacket and all look together is just so inspiring! 

This blazer is so perfect! Maison Scotch blazer with Beaded Detail

Just loving this coat which is with removable leather vest on it. But I definately like the way it looks like it is!

Adidas jumper & pants... AMAZING! Want this set because it look not just comfy but stylish too! 

OK, this WILDFOX set is just.. Actually more than amazing! Gorgeous! It looks so comy. Have to have it!

So, what do you think? All these clothes I found because of BIG sales on ASOS right now.
Love that store even more because no matter where do you live shipping is for free!
I hope you had great weekend everyone!


Thomas Sabo

Hi!!! I know that I already showed my birthday gift (Thomas Sabo bracelet) but it's so beautiful that I can't stop looking at it. So I decided to show you few more pictures and share with story how did I get it. So as you know one of my birthday gifts was Iphone 5. It was one really early birthday gift! However, last time when I visited my aunt, she said that she want to give me something special for mybirthday, something I will always keep next to me and never will throw out. Something like earrings, necklase or maybe ring. As I don't wear rings & necklases often and thought that the're no need for expensive jewelry if I will not wear it I decided that I want wristwatch or bracelet, because those are things that I like and wear way more often. (My other idea was Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, but lately I lose at least one of my earrings while partying, so it would be stupid idea to waste money when I know, that I will lose that thing.) After all we decided to visit Thomas Sabo jewelry store to buy gift for me - silver bracelet with appendant charms. I had to decide which three charms I'm going to have and I decided that I will take one little charm which is saying 18  (as it was gift because of my 18th birthday) and has one cute cloverleaf with it, another one which was letter E (because my name is Elizabete) and other one was one little, shiny, pink diamond + one of charms was for free, it was silver heart with name 'love' on it. I was so happy about my choice and I have to say that this is first expensive (for me it is quite expensive gift) jewelry which I have in my jewelry box! 

And I want to mention that Thomas Sabo is one wonderful jewelry store! They have so many beautiful things from earrings, cufflinks, rings and charms to wristwatches not just for ladies' but for man's too! It's pretty amazing! They have so many beautiful & cute charms, oh my oh, it's so hard to decide which one I like the most and I want them all at once, haha! If you're interested, check out they online site by clicking HERE, they have SALE right now!

(Photos by my sister)
And how about you? Do you have something from Thomas Sabo? Do you like this brand? Let me know!
Have a nice day everyone! 


Dreams and not only

You're going to die anyway by hellodope featuring white home decor

 Before I start to talk, some of you may don't get why there are some cigarettes & lighter in this set. I just think it goes in here. There is some beauty about smoke-covered cigarette, for me it's so charming to see other people smoking, because some of they do it differently. (I recall that smoking is bad for your health and you should not do it! And it's not stylish at all!!! And I know what I'm doing to myself, some of you know that I've this habbit for years now.) Back to the point why I'm telling about cigarettes in this set - imagine how perfect it is to wake up, wearing just underwear and sitting on windowsill while looking out of a window and enjoying morning glamor with some black coffee & cigarettes and in morning like this you don't think of anything, you just dream about your future. Maybe it's just me...

 Lately I've found that I'm such a daydreamer - all the time I'm thinking of something that isn't going to happen, something that will happen after few years and just other things. Usually I dreamed about something and then I felt like sh#t because I knew that I can't do anything about my future and things as they are.. What the hell?! Of course I can do something about my future, I can change it if I will start eat healthy (at least try and know how is it), start going to gym or at least exercise at home, start thinking about grades and my education in future, about options, quit smoking, etc. I can do everything! And you can do it too!!! We all can! Stop dreaming about your beautiful future - do something to make it as you want it. I'm pretty sure about my future plans and I know what should I start to do to become a successful person. OK, maybe at the moment it all sounds silly, but we all should look at ourselves and understand that we can change something only if we really want it. And we all should start to believe ourselves. We should stop dream about things and start to do something to change our lifes. 

So tell me, what's your biggest dream? Or about what you're dreaming most of time? Are you a big dreamer? I'm curious to know!


Dreaming of first spring outfit.. by hellodope featuring crossbody handbags
Oh, winter is here. Why? Why the hell? I was dreaming of spring since January came! I'm so in love with this season! It's starting to get sunny and warm outside, everything again is green, flowers get some colors, birds sing their songs, in one word - beautiful! Spring is beautiful! And everyone feels happy no matter how cheerless life is in that moment. I wish you understan me, haha! Anyway, I haven't posted anything fashionable for a long time, right? Today I feel pretty inspired (never happens on mondays.) so I thought why not? If I can't make any outfit post in real life, I can do it on polyvore. So here is outfit (or maybe just few goods I mixed together) for spring time! What do you think? And how was your monday? Good? Let me know!




Hello everyone! Song of today - Pharrell Williams - Happy. Why? I will tell you. Yesterday after school my best friend Zane was at my place, I made dinner for her - delicious pizza and then we ate cake I got for my 18th birthday day before. Later we had chilly evening with my sister, we listened to some good music and smoked hookah. When she went home I went to sleep. I was so sleepy when I woke up about 6 PM but mom called my sister and said that we should start getting ready because we'll go to the cafe. Parents & us. I thought: ''OK. Mom isn't that spontaneous. What the hell? But hey, mom would never do something as spontaneous as making suprise party, right?'' I did quick make up and then mom arrived. We went to cafe. Waitress said that they have private party, so we can go to guest house and she will serve us there and then she waited for our answer. Mom asked to me:''Are we staying?'' I was like ''Umm, yes.'' We're going to guest house and I was puzzled and asked to mom:''How they will serve us food if it's rainy outside? What the hell?'' We went into guest house and BOOOOOM! MY CLOSEST RELATIVES AND FRIENDS WERE THERE AND SANG TO ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ELIZABETE! I was shaking. I was looking at everyone. I almost cried. I think I've never felt so happy before in my whole life. We sat down and it was cozy & nice evening with my loved ones. When my adults went home, few other friends joined us. Good music, friends around, we danced and laughed. I will not mention some drama which happened at the end of evening, but overall everything was just amazing! I just wanted to say how happy and pleased I am. I just can't believe that my mom & dad did this all to me. I just can't believe that I've so amazing family and friends. I can't believe that life is so good to me. And I wish that everyone have felt or will feel this amazing feeling someday. I'm so, so thankful!!! Below few photos of yesterday:

With my dad's brother's family.

My lovely girls! In front of right side Agate, Sintija & Zane, behind me, Lāsma & Arlita.
Love you babes! <3

Flowers from my loved ones!

One of the gifts. Thomas Sabo bracelet. Love it!!!

So tell me have you ever been in suprise party as guest/the one for who suprise party is made for? How did you felt? Let me know!



Hello dear readers! Today is a good day! I just really can't stop smiling because it's my birthday!!! I'm so happy because finally I'm 18 years old and even thought I don't feel like an andult but I'm an adult! Right from now criminal liability is on my shoulders.. I'm saying this just because you can never know what will happen with you. Don't get me too serious, as you see I have just perefect mood & I'm full of energy! I've done so many things today like: tidied up my room & home, washed my clothes, made dinner, etc. And of course I answered to almost everyone who congratulated me virtually. So many old & good friends, friends which live far from me like Sintija who live in Great Britain & Katrīna from Sweden, etc., and of course all my friends I met today - thank you all! You all are amazing! And not just my friends, but family too! I think you all understand how excited I am today, haha? I just wanted to say that I haven't been so happy (like whole day, haha) for so long time. I wish that you had wonderful day too! Tell me what how is it going?

Now I can drink alcohol & smoke with no hiding in the bushes, feel me? I'm joking. But maybe it's the right time to get my driver licence? Ohhh...


Oh no! It's over.

Well.. I can't believe it. Is it really over? Sleeping till noon, late & big breakfast, sleeping all day in bed with my laptop and partying with friends at weekends? Oh my oh, IT'S SCHOOL TOMORROW!  How I hate it!!! You can't imagine it. Or maybe some of you can. I don't know what I will do when I will have job, because I'm too lazy to study & work. Will I ever have work? At least I wish I will have work which will make me happy - I mean I would love to have job that I like and love to do it. Like my own company of some fancy things or my own brand of something fancy, but all this dreaming wasn't about what I wanted to talk. I want to say that Christmas holidays 2013/14 was really enjoyable. What I did: Went to Christmas school ball; Celebrated Christmas with family & best friends; Went to see Opera performance; went to restourant called ''Monterosso'' in Old Riga with my aunt; Had most amazing & funniest New Year Eve with friends and at the end of holidays celebrated my best friends 18th birthday, which was almost perfect party time with friends if not some drama stuff between some of our friends. General I had really great time with my friends & I rested these days to the fullest. Right now I should do some home SPA to relax a little bit before school and tidy up my room. I wish that you all had amazing holidays & amazing time with your loved ones! 

Some of you wanted to see more of my dress which I lately bought. Photo below! What do you think? I recall, that you can still buy it HERE if you're interested. 

Unfortunately I don't have photos of full outfit, but I paired this dress with black tights and black pumps.
Dress from Missguided!


This day have been really productive! I woke up around 11 AM, then I with my sister went to see doctor. Then I had meeting with my best friend about 12 AM, we went to city center to buy everything for tonight - we're going to celebrate her 18th birthday! Then we had some time for us, we went to park and talked a bit, drank yogurt & smoked a bit. (How I hate this habbit of mine, start of 2014 was the right time to stop doing it) Now I'm home but I have to get ready to meet my bestie, but I have been just lacquered  my nails, I don't know how to do anything in time, because we have to meet about 7 PM and then we still have few things to do. But I'm really happy, because I can help her. Finally I can do something good for her and I've to do my best, so she will never forget this night! Overall I just wanted to say, that I'm really busy right now, 'cause I have to do so many things, then I'm leaving my house and tomorrow I've to attend my aunt name day party. I really want to make some fashionable posts to share with you guys, but lately I really have no time, so I wish it will change soon. :)

(photo from summer 2012 (?!).. Anyway, when we was young, wild & stupid!)

Tell me, how will you spend this friday night?


New Year & New dress

It was so hard to wake up this morning. I'm fighting with my sleeping problem lately, sounds stupid, but I'm waking up about 1 PM, sometimes 2 PM and it's hard to fall asleep early, so I'm in my bed about 12 AM but I really fall asleep about 2, 2:30 PM. OK, for others it's nothing but for me.. Pretty hard when I'm thinking about everything. If it's something good I get too excited and obvious I can't fall asleep. If it's something bad, I start to feel afraid of something what doesn't exist. I'm just afraid that again my vegetative dystonia will come back. If you know what is that sh#t, you will understand me. Anyway, I woke up about third time when my aunt called me. I ran downstairs to open doors for her, she invited me & my family to celebrate her name day which will be this saturday and then she took me to the post office, so I finally received my order - dress from Missguided. I like it. It's pure white and there isn't any defects. Missguided have never disappointed me, so I'm really happy, that finally, after three weeks of waiting I can touch my dress. 
Below - sneak peek of my dress! You can still find it HERE!

(Photos are not so good, because it was pretty cloudy outside. Taken with iPhone5) 

Tell me how do you celebrated New Year? I'm curios to know! I met my girls and then we went to my best friends boyfriend place, few more people came and we had a blast! One of the best New Years Eve I have had. First day of a year was pretty much nothing - all day in bed + water & food. Yep! #hangover.