Weekend, weekend, weeeeekend

I had such a beautiful and productive weekend! Saturday I woke up early to get ready in time, but as usual I was running to bus station, because I'm always late. *Oh, how I hate this habit of mine* Of course, arrived one of the smallest buses and I was pretty much pissed off, because I knew that there will be no seat to sit. (This time, thanks to God, there was seat to sit, but sometimes it's horrible that even old people have to stand in the bus.) I was in capital city in time, then met my aunt, we walked to nearest shopping mall Galerija Centrs, because we had some free time before opera. Oh, I loved opera we attented, called ''Operetta carousel''. It was really beautiful. Thing I didn't liked - people who attented this operetta, because some of them was really rude, they was jostling and acting like they have been locked in a cage for years. Don't get me wrong, I'm not spoiled or one of these unbearable young woman, I just think that no matter how old you are, if you're coming to opera you have to at least pretend that you have manners. I didn't run on people, I waited and I was polite.. Emm, did I mentioned that man who sat next to me just run away before the end performance when opera singers and other people was looking at us like we are the one who are running away? We stanted up to let that man go, awkward and just stupid moment.. :( I mean, if you don't care about performance you're going to see, maybe don't even come to opera? Ugh. Anyway, after beautiful operetta we went to restaurant called Monterosso and we had most amazing dinner for a long, long time! Champagne, ravioli as a starter, perch in main course and most beautiful chocolate fondant in dessert, it all was just like a dream! If you have a chance I recommend you Monterosso restaurant. Later we met my sister, we went to some place after her new lens and then we finally went to my aunt's place. Today, when we woke up we went to the shopping mall to buy me gift because of my 18th birthday which is coming as fast as it can. I will keep secret about my gift and you all will see it only when I will see it again, hehe. After that we drove it up to my little brother and then we went to another city to visit my uncle. We had really good evening there. When I got home I met up with my best friend for a little walk and hot tea. So as you all know now, I had really productive weekend away from home. Below you can check out few photos from my weekend. 

@ Monterosso
My uncle's kitty cat, she is such a sweetheart! 

Macaroons  They were too good to be real <3

How did you spend your weekend? I'm curious to know!!!
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6 komentāri:

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend - mine was quite boring really. That food looks absolutely delicious.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. Actually my weekends most of time is boring too, haha. It was!! :)

  2. macaroooons!!! my favorite!!! I wish you a happy new year! :*