This is just crazy how time is passing by way too fast! Two days ago I was in capital city with my student learning company (I don't know how to call this in english, in latvian it is SMU *Skolēnu Mācību Uzņēmums*) to participate in fair which was created and sponsored by Swedbank. It was our first experience as we have started to work just now. I promise you all to show our product soon, just wait for it! Today we participated in fair which was held here in my village. Tomorrow I'm going to capital city again, so we'll be able to buy new stuff for us. From tomorrow till Friday we're going to work hard (+ I've to fix my grades at school) because we're going to attend another fair in capital city again. And then we have one more fair to attend at our school. I'm telling all this to you guys, so you all will be informed that right now I'm working hard with my company + school + Christmas time is coming + we've snow here in Latvia so walking for me is diffucult and now I've to get out of my bed 10 minutes earlier to be in the right place like I am usually. I'm not saying that I will not post anything at all, but I'm not going to be here as often as usually. I really can't wait for that moment when my Christmas holidays will start and I will be able to tell you about my company/product I make! Have a nice next week, lots of love! <3

Photo from Cyprus. 

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