Healthy food and bad habbits.

What do you do when you feel bad? Let me know! Right now I really have to do something, because I'm feeling so useless. And I have one more question - how do you make yourself do something? I'm trying to start go in for sports - simple exercises & and it's the right time to start eat healthy! Yes, healthy! I'm thinking about how unhealthy I eat and you know what? It's just horrible. Too much junk food, sweets, coke + 70% of home made food I eat is pretty much as bad as junk food, because it's greasy. I've so many apps with easy exercises to make and so much apps with great and healthy recipes, I've been read all of them, but still - no motivation to eat healthy. Lately I've been understood that living your life healthy make you happy. You look good and you feel good, what can be better than this? I think it's the right time to start my body cleaning - mentally & physically and then it will be the right time to start living healthy.

Old pictures from 2012. 

If I look back - last two years I've been eating really healthy - what happened? I love to eat and I eat to much when I feel bad. Anyway, it's time to change that! Can you guys suggest me nice breakfast and dinner recipes? I will be really happy. :)

And how about you? Do you live healthy? How about your habbits? I want to know! :)

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  1. I hardly have the time for breakfast every morning so quickly eat a peanutbutter jelly sandwich and in the weekends I eat eggs (scrambled) for breakfast. To stay motivated I look at some fitblrs (Fit Tumblrs) such as http://onefitmodel.tumblr.com/ and http://youcan-4nd-youwill.tumblr.com/ after that I go to the gym! I really noticed that after a work- out whether it's at home or in the gym you really become happier! And I also remind myself the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is in a few days hahah

    1. Yeah same here with breakfast, so I always eat something unhealthy but easy to make. In the weekends I make so scrambled eggs too + I add some greens and cream cheese.
      I don't use tumblr ar often as I did before, but seems that it's the right time to start follow some fitblrs (sounds funny for me, hehe) and get inspired! And yes, it's time to start working out! Reminding yorself that VS Fashion Show is coming is so cute, but definately good idea. Thank you for your comment, I already feel inspired, but now it's time to get started! :)