Day after good weekend. Monday. *Huh*

Hello everyone! My weekend was really good and enjoyable, so it's obvious that it was hard to get out of a bed this morning. Anyway, I will tell you about my weekend - Friday night I spent at home in my bed, because the're no better feeling than waking up without hangover!! Haha. Saturday morning I went to my math home teacher, after that I went home to get myself ready, met my best friend and we went to the capital city to do shopping and just have great time together. We had delicious dinner at Double Coffee - Rigatoni with chicken and pesto + I had just amazing caramel milkshake, damn it was so good! After our dinner we went to YoYo - frozen yogurt cafe. Twice. They just have amazingly tasty frozen yogurts. After our day together I met my aunt and stayed at her place. We had some drinks and watched a film, which was pretty boring but anyway we had really good time together. Next morning we to shopping mall Spice again, had a little shooping and then we went home. I really enjoyed all my time in shops - I saw so many Christmas gift ideas! These Christmas are going to good, because I'm going to be prepared for them! Even thought I don't like Christmas time at all, this time I just can't wait for giving presents to my loved ones.

I bought some clothes and finally heels - wedge ankle boots. Love them! And price was just too good to be real. I will wear them to the schools ball, as I'm not going to dress up too much this year they're going to be the best choice. I will posts some pictures soon, right now it's to dark to make good pictures. I wanted to show just these two things - planner for 2014 and amazing body butter with mango scent from The Body Shop. It was pretty expensive for just a body butter but it's worth the price and they don't try their products on animals, which is great!

Mango body butter from The Body Shop // Planner from Jāņa Rozes bookshop
How did you spend your weekend? Let me know!

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  1. Iesaku thebodyshop olive krēmu , es gan lietoju no Avon planet spa bet manuprat vini ir identiski..

    1. Vienmēr uz viņu noskatos, laikam būs jāizmēģina! Paldies par ieteikumu! :)