Capital city

Oh, you can't imagine how much I missed you all! I'm sorry about no-blogging last days, I was away from home about 3, 4 days because of some troubles at home. Of course, I had to study and yesterday I was in capital city, to represent my company. (I wish, that soon I'll be able to post about my firm and product we make!) Yesterday, after long, long day I went home and I started to feel really bad. I drank about 3 soothing tablets also known as chill pills and 2 analgesic tablets, but nothing happened. All night I felt so bad, I had nightmares and when morning came nightmares became so strange that I almost though that I've done these crazy things I dreamed I did for real. I got out of my bed about 12:30 PM, ate breakfast and went to my math teacher. Today I feel better than yesterday. Right now I'm drinking green tea (while reading all these 103 bloglovin' posts I haven't seen), eating chocolate & banana, so maybe after these snacks I will have energy to start study, I've to do so many things! Can't wait! *Sarcasm* Anyway, as I'm back I will try to make some real fashion/beauty/my photo posts. Stay tuned everyone! 

Beautiful Riga from another point of view. 

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