Bore me more

Hello everyone! You all are so responsive! *Not* So I can just guess - does lately my blog seems boring to you all or it's just Christmas time and everybody is just busy? I haven't heard anything from my active followers for a while - how does it's going? I'm fine. Last night I attended school Christmas ball and all I can say is:''What the hell?!?!'' I'm so unpleasantly suprised with myself - I drank just two glasses of vodka & coke, it's nothing for me; smoke few cigarettes, it's nothing for me too; went home about 00:20 AM when everyone else stayed there until 2:00 AM and later went to city center to some pub and I always go to pub when I have chance! Don't get me wrong, I'm young and when I'm not feeling sad I'm trying to enjoy my life, haha. The thing that I don't understand today - why the hell I'm feeling so bad? I'm having a hangover. And it feels so bad, because I didn't drank that much, I'm talking about 2 innocent cocktails! Maybe I'm too old already or maybe it's alcohol poisoning. Anyway, today officialy started my holidays so stay tuned! I just can't wait to write something about fashion, style, latest inspirations. I'm starting to get boring of my life, so I've to get back in my fashion life. Sounds weird, but anyway, I'm back!

Today I will share with few photos from my instagram! Enjoy and if you're interested - FOLLOW!

Lunch after good film and shopping with my friend week or two ago.

Getting ready to party! Few months old photo.

Perfect rigatoni with chicken and pesto @ Double Coffee. But they had to make way bigger portions, because this one was ridiculous.. And delicious as hell!

One more old photo with me from Cyprus - place where you will feel happy no matter what.

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  1. Atbildes
    1. Thank you!! Wishing you great weekend too! :)

  2. your shorts beautiful! nice pictures
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  3. cute last photo of your selfie...

  4. HI babe, I wanna wish u a Merry Xmas! May it be a day full of love (and fashion)
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    1. Hi dear! Thank you so much! I wish you wonderful Chrismtas too beautiful! Lots of love :)