As you all probably know lately I don't feel as good as always. Feeling depressed and having no strength to do something. It's OK here in home, but it's just a tricky calmness before unstoppable storm. And even thought some of my closest friends know what's wrong, nobody cares! *Feeling like: Oh, well thank you all for being interested about me. Feels so good! I always help you guys, when you all feel bad, but how about me when I feel like shit?* I really need company, I just can't stay alone with my thoughts but none cares. Do they even know how important to me is them staying with me? Anyway, I know why life does all this sh#t to me - I have learned my lesson: I have to think just only about myself and my future. Because nobody will care about me in future. And all this shit will make me feel more stronger than I am. I'm going to fight with everyone and myself till the end.

When I feel down I love to make some good green or white tea for myself and just check out inspiring photos. In future I want to have cozy apartment, big wardrobe, I want to have job that I love and of course, already now big part of my life - traveling. I love traveling! Of course I want to be successful, healthy & happy! So, when I look at some inspiring photos I dream about how my house will look, etc. Makes me feel better a little bit more that usual. So here are some photo collages which I made of photos which inspires me the most lately. :) Enjoy!

What do you do when you feel upset? What inspires you, kick your butt and make you feel better? Tell me!

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  1. You are very motivating, I haven´t been in the best place recently so I love to read this, you´re inspiring :)

    1. Sometimes I feel good, sometimes not. You can never know. But we've to keep doing what we're doing, we have to be strong. Right? Make me feel better when I hear, that these texts inspires you Samiya. I think that everything will be OK, so keep your head up and smile!