I think I've never before been so excited about New Year! I woke up today about 1:10 PM, ate unhealthy breakfast and drank really delicious coffee for the last time (I have to stop drink coffee and eat unhealthy, so maybe this will be the last time when I had unhealthy meal this year, haha!) and checked myself in mirror.. Woah! I wanted to sing:''I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed..'' OK, in my bed.. Actually that monter was me, because I look horrible. I should start getting ready even thought I still have no idea where and when I'm going to celebrate. And if I'm going out with my friends? What to wear? I wanted to wear my new dress from Missguided (Which this time came pretty late, though that I ordered it 3 weeks before) and when yesterday I wanted to take from post office I realized that post office will not work till 1th January. How great, right? The point of saying all this, is that I really want to dress up in dress. OK, it doesn't matter right now, I wanted to talk about something else..

This year have been really.. Colorful. There was good moments and some not so. There was tears, smiles, hugs, fights, hysterics, hate, gossips, little bit of love, knowledge and other things. Year 2013 came with so many ongoings - fight with my best friend, which almost finished our friendship; my tears and my experiences; fight with my mom, because of which we didn't talked almost 3 weeks; my first summer job - work in agriculture; my first heels and my first boyfriend (our relationship lasted only 2 months or less); trip to Stockholm with friends and journey to Cyprus with family and both of these travel experiences was just amazing, thanks to my friends and thanks to my really best travel partners!; trip to Parnu with my godparent and sister, which was really nice time with them too; after a long time I got to know some new people and this year came with many crazy parties; I got my first iPhone, which is an iPhone 5 and I'm really happy that I have this phone, thanks to my dear aunt for this early birthday gift and thanks to my God, that I have such amazing aunt and family general and of course thanks to God that I've few really good friends and other people that have been perfect party partners, haha! Thanks to year 2013 who came with so many wonderful people, trips, first experience and other things.

I hope that you had as colorful year as mine or even better! And I wish that Next Year will be full of new good people, true friendships, love and peace. I wishing you all my best! Let year 2014 make all our dreams come true!

And thanks to all my readers this year! I don't know how many you all were last year, but now you're way more than you was! I've 78 followers here on GFC, which is not many but for me it means world!!! And 50 readers are following my blog on bloglovin' and I'm thankful to you all too! I've 11 683 blog views overall and it's incredible, thank you all! You all mean a lot to me!

So one more time. . . HAPPY NEW YEAR! SENDING YOU ALL MY LOVE!!!

Elizabete x HappinessVictim


Next years wishlist!

Next years wishlist! by hellodope featuring home wall decor

My plan is to start New Year organized. So I already made wishlist including grey and really stylish jumper and other nice things! Some words about my wishlist below:
1. I'm looking forward for simple knitted but plan and warm jumper for so long, but I still I haven't found the right one. Recently I bought black jumper with heart on it, but it's not what I was looking for. I bought it because it was really comfy and warm, but I have to have grey jumper in my closet because it's really easy to combine it with other clothes. 
2. Michael Kors Large Selma bag. I've been dreaming about it for so long. It's just one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen, you know? It's pretty obvious that it's too expensive for me, but if I will start to crave money for it now.. Who knows, maybe I will finally touch it. Hoho!
3. Michael Kors bracelet - it's so simple, but still eye catching. 
4. Candles. I'm huge fan of candles - sweet or fresh odors, no matter how does it smells I will love it! Unfortunately, this year I haven't even bought candles, so I have to buy some nice candles to enjoy next year. :)
5. Wood box. Something for my working table which right now don't look like working table but more like beauty stuff and other things table. I have to find good but really simple and not too expensive organising box, or just wood box where to put all this stuff so I will have more space on my table. 
6. Grey Scarf. I need new scarf. Last time when I bought scarf was.. Hmn, it was year 2012 or maybe even 2011. So it's obvious that I need scarf, simple one black or grey, or maybe both of them. 

And how about you? Are you going to make some next years wishlist? If yes, let me know what do you really want/need? :)


Weekend, weekend, weeeeekend

I had such a beautiful and productive weekend! Saturday I woke up early to get ready in time, but as usual I was running to bus station, because I'm always late. *Oh, how I hate this habit of mine* Of course, arrived one of the smallest buses and I was pretty much pissed off, because I knew that there will be no seat to sit. (This time, thanks to God, there was seat to sit, but sometimes it's horrible that even old people have to stand in the bus.) I was in capital city in time, then met my aunt, we walked to nearest shopping mall Galerija Centrs, because we had some free time before opera. Oh, I loved opera we attented, called ''Operetta carousel''. It was really beautiful. Thing I didn't liked - people who attented this operetta, because some of them was really rude, they was jostling and acting like they have been locked in a cage for years. Don't get me wrong, I'm not spoiled or one of these unbearable young woman, I just think that no matter how old you are, if you're coming to opera you have to at least pretend that you have manners. I didn't run on people, I waited and I was polite.. Emm, did I mentioned that man who sat next to me just run away before the end performance when opera singers and other people was looking at us like we are the one who are running away? We stanted up to let that man go, awkward and just stupid moment.. :( I mean, if you don't care about performance you're going to see, maybe don't even come to opera? Ugh. Anyway, after beautiful operetta we went to restaurant called Monterosso and we had most amazing dinner for a long, long time! Champagne, ravioli as a starter, perch in main course and most beautiful chocolate fondant in dessert, it all was just like a dream! If you have a chance I recommend you Monterosso restaurant. Later we met my sister, we went to some place after her new lens and then we finally went to my aunt's place. Today, when we woke up we went to the shopping mall to buy me gift because of my 18th birthday which is coming as fast as it can. I will keep secret about my gift and you all will see it only when I will see it again, hehe. After that we drove it up to my little brother and then we went to another city to visit my uncle. We had really good evening there. When I got home I met up with my best friend for a little walk and hot tea. So as you all know now, I had really productive weekend away from home. Below you can check out few photos from my weekend. 

@ Monterosso
My uncle's kitty cat, she is such a sweetheart! 

Macaroons  They were too good to be real <3

How did you spend your weekend? I'm curious to know!!!
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Feast after feast

Christmas time is over, but it's friday evening and weekend is here. I mean so many free time, haha. Not just to me but my parents too. I've to admit that this year Christmas was really good - I spend these days with my family and atmosphere was calm. Next day I and my family had Christmas lunch at my grandma's place and yesterday I with my lovely girls had amazingly nice day together! We went to Agates place, made dinner for us, played games, drank hot vine and when it became dark outside we launched in air paper lanterns. It was amazing evening - really simple, but at the same time so enjoyable. But I've to say that today my stomach is dying. I feel so bad all the time, and it's just obvious after almost five days with so many food. On other hand - whatever, it doesn't matter how bad I feel now, because I'm still really happy about Christmas time I had with my family and of course I'm happy about all the amazing gifts I have. I wish that you all had beautiful feast time with your family!

I will share with some photos I took last days. :) To see more click here to see my instagram.

Before Christmas ball at school with my lovely girls. 

Christmas in my place. 

The biggest gift I received and one of the best gifts! I wanted this fragrance for so long and now I have it! :)*

*The last photo of me before I'm getting fat and trying to avoid socializing* Hehe

Yesterday. Evening with my girls!



Certainly this year Christmas time will be unforgettable... At least for me! Why? Because when I look out of my window all I see is early spring or maybe late autumn, but not winter. OK, I have mentioned before that I don't like Christmas time, snow and coldness, but it's obvious that you need some snow to feel the real Christmas feeling! Right? (Yeah, right now I want snow, but when everybody else wanted it and was happy, I was the one who said - I wish we had Chrismtas without snow, I hate snow, etc.. Now I want snow back, usual me) Anyway, no matter how bad weather is outside, we have to stay happy and smile! Because this time of year is just wonderful time. Yesterday I with my sister went to capital city and bought some gifts for our family, when we got home we baked some gingerbread, like we always do before Christmas Eve. Few minutes ago we wraped gifts and right now I'm sitting here next to computer and thinking.. About everything. I'm not happy, I'm not sad, I just don't know, but I try to stay optimistic. So... I just wanted to say - Merry Christmas everyone! I wish that you all will have wonderful time with your family, beautiful memories & just good time together!!!

(source: weheartit
Kisses to you all!


Bore me more

Hello everyone! You all are so responsive! *Not* So I can just guess - does lately my blog seems boring to you all or it's just Christmas time and everybody is just busy? I haven't heard anything from my active followers for a while - how does it's going? I'm fine. Last night I attended school Christmas ball and all I can say is:''What the hell?!?!'' I'm so unpleasantly suprised with myself - I drank just two glasses of vodka & coke, it's nothing for me; smoke few cigarettes, it's nothing for me too; went home about 00:20 AM when everyone else stayed there until 2:00 AM and later went to city center to some pub and I always go to pub when I have chance! Don't get me wrong, I'm young and when I'm not feeling sad I'm trying to enjoy my life, haha. The thing that I don't understand today - why the hell I'm feeling so bad? I'm having a hangover. And it feels so bad, because I didn't drank that much, I'm talking about 2 innocent cocktails! Maybe I'm too old already or maybe it's alcohol poisoning. Anyway, today officialy started my holidays so stay tuned! I just can't wait to write something about fashion, style, latest inspirations. I'm starting to get boring of my life, so I've to get back in my fashion life. Sounds weird, but anyway, I'm back!

Today I will share with few photos from my instagram! Enjoy and if you're interested - FOLLOW!

Lunch after good film and shopping with my friend week or two ago.

Getting ready to party! Few months old photo.

Perfect rigatoni with chicken and pesto @ Double Coffee. But they had to make way bigger portions, because this one was ridiculous.. And delicious as hell!

One more old photo with me from Cyprus - place where you will feel happy no matter what.

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Healthy food and bad habbits.

What do you do when you feel bad? Let me know! Right now I really have to do something, because I'm feeling so useless. And I have one more question - how do you make yourself do something? I'm trying to start go in for sports - simple exercises & and it's the right time to start eat healthy! Yes, healthy! I'm thinking about how unhealthy I eat and you know what? It's just horrible. Too much junk food, sweets, coke + 70% of home made food I eat is pretty much as bad as junk food, because it's greasy. I've so many apps with easy exercises to make and so much apps with great and healthy recipes, I've been read all of them, but still - no motivation to eat healthy. Lately I've been understood that living your life healthy make you happy. You look good and you feel good, what can be better than this? I think it's the right time to start my body cleaning - mentally & physically and then it will be the right time to start living healthy.

Old pictures from 2012. 

If I look back - last two years I've been eating really healthy - what happened? I love to eat and I eat to much when I feel bad. Anyway, it's time to change that! Can you guys suggest me nice breakfast and dinner recipes? I will be really happy. :)

And how about you? Do you live healthy? How about your habbits? I want to know! :)


Wait a little bit. It's going to be OK anyway.

How I miss summer when it's warm outside and you can take pictures inside until 10PM.. Joke, this is not the reason why I love summer, but I've to admit that lately it's really hard to take some pictures inside. Actually all the time I'm feeling like I should take some pictures because I've some stuff to show you guys, but whoah - it's to dark when I get home after school. OK, great news - after 2 days this nightmare will end! Then I'm ready to relax - Christmas holidaaaaays! Oh, seems that something good is happening in my life.

Talking about summer, again I can just say that time runs by way too fast, but sometimes it's not that bad. When I think about my first day at school this year, I already can imagine my last day in school this year. Just half-year left and we all are going to enjoy beautiful summer time! :)

But how about you? Which season do you enjoy the most? And why? Let me know! <3


As you all probably know lately I don't feel as good as always. Feeling depressed and having no strength to do something. It's OK here in home, but it's just a tricky calmness before unstoppable storm. And even thought some of my closest friends know what's wrong, nobody cares! *Feeling like: Oh, well thank you all for being interested about me. Feels so good! I always help you guys, when you all feel bad, but how about me when I feel like shit?* I really need company, I just can't stay alone with my thoughts but none cares. Do they even know how important to me is them staying with me? Anyway, I know why life does all this sh#t to me - I have learned my lesson: I have to think just only about myself and my future. Because nobody will care about me in future. And all this shit will make me feel more stronger than I am. I'm going to fight with everyone and myself till the end.

When I feel down I love to make some good green or white tea for myself and just check out inspiring photos. In future I want to have cozy apartment, big wardrobe, I want to have job that I love and of course, already now big part of my life - traveling. I love traveling! Of course I want to be successful, healthy & happy! So, when I look at some inspiring photos I dream about how my house will look, etc. Makes me feel better a little bit more that usual. So here are some photo collages which I made of photos which inspires me the most lately. :) Enjoy!

What do you do when you feel upset? What inspires you, kick your butt and make you feel better? Tell me!


Second introducing.

Lately I've found out that it's really hard for me to deal with my emotions, family, friends, life.. Everything. I can't act like everything is OK, because nothing really is. Sometimes I feel that my whole life is just one big nightmare and lately I really can't help myself. I'm not really sensitive person, I'm trying to be strong and I'm trying to think like adult. Even though I'm turning 18 next month, I'm still just a kid. And it's really hard. I've really bad grades at school. I tried when I was a little child, but from young age there has been no support from parents. So I stoped. Why should I've to study if I personally didn't care about my grades and there was no support? Here I am. 17 years old. I'm degraded. I'm stupid. I'm bad. Fighting with suicidal thoughts. And wondering - how does it feels, to be a great child: beautiful, smart, loved. How does it feels when you have no worries about school? And how does it feels when your parents love you no matter what? No matter how smart, beautiful, successful you are?

It is really hard to talk about this. Because none of my friends truly know how does it feels. I've some friends which don't have one our both of their parents and I estimate that I've my parents. That I've home, I've my own bed, wardrobe, money. I have everything I need. But some of kids don't. And I estimate everything I have. But it really hurts when you feel bad about yourself all the time. All the fucking time. Already 5 years, as long as I remember myself I feel like shit. Total shit. Worthless. I hate winter time, I really do. And I don't like Christmas and New Years Eve too. As kid I remember these celebrations as beautiful, happy days, but now I don't even wait for Christmas because I know that my mom will yell at me. And we will fight. And it all will end up with tears. My tears. Time goes by so fast but nothing change. And nothing ever will change until I will leave this house. I'm 17 years old. How can I let others do this to myself? Miserably.

I'm not going everywhere. I will be here. I will fight with my mom. I love her, but I love myself too. I'm not going to hurt myself ever again. I will fight with myself, I'm going to prove myself (and to my loved ones too: grandmother, dad & aunt) that I'm going to become successful person.

Why did I wrote all this? If you read this and you ever feel bad about yourself - stop it. And if you're a parent and you don't spend enough time with your children, if you don't underestimate how successful your children are - stop it. Think about how much every kid on the whole world want to be loved no matter what. Think about that. I can't do anything to change my past, but I can change my future and you can change your future, also your child future.

I'm going to introduce you all with myself second time - this is real me.  


And again, what else I can say - time runs too fast! I'm saying this because my teeth hurts so bad and I've just month left to visit all my doctors: family doctor, dentist + teeth sanitarian (can't find better translation) and another doctors. I'm turning 18 next month, how crazy is that? And till that all my doctor visits are for free, so I've to take my last chance. School is ending next week, Christmas ball and another measures oh, so much to do! But I'm here writing this, to you all, so you will know that I'm still alive and I'm going to update blog soon! Right now I've to pack my things and then I'm meeting with my friends, we have so much work to do tonight! I'm not going to spend this night at home, so I'm going to talk with you guys tomorrow! Stay tunned, kisses! :)
My photo. Have to work hard - it will pay off anytime soon! 


This is just crazy how time is passing by way too fast! Two days ago I was in capital city with my student learning company (I don't know how to call this in english, in latvian it is SMU *Skolēnu Mācību Uzņēmums*) to participate in fair which was created and sponsored by Swedbank. It was our first experience as we have started to work just now. I promise you all to show our product soon, just wait for it! Today we participated in fair which was held here in my village. Tomorrow I'm going to capital city again, so we'll be able to buy new stuff for us. From tomorrow till Friday we're going to work hard (+ I've to fix my grades at school) because we're going to attend another fair in capital city again. And then we have one more fair to attend at our school. I'm telling all this to you guys, so you all will be informed that right now I'm working hard with my company + school + Christmas time is coming + we've snow here in Latvia so walking for me is diffucult and now I've to get out of my bed 10 minutes earlier to be in the right place like I am usually. I'm not saying that I will not post anything at all, but I'm not going to be here as often as usually. I really can't wait for that moment when my Christmas holidays will start and I will be able to tell you about my company/product I make! Have a nice next week, lots of love! <3

Photo from Cyprus. 


Capital city

Oh, you can't imagine how much I missed you all! I'm sorry about no-blogging last days, I was away from home about 3, 4 days because of some troubles at home. Of course, I had to study and yesterday I was in capital city, to represent my company. (I wish, that soon I'll be able to post about my firm and product we make!) Yesterday, after long, long day I went home and I started to feel really bad. I drank about 3 soothing tablets also known as chill pills and 2 analgesic tablets, but nothing happened. All night I felt so bad, I had nightmares and when morning came nightmares became so strange that I almost though that I've done these crazy things I dreamed I did for real. I got out of my bed about 12:30 PM, ate breakfast and went to my math teacher. Today I feel better than yesterday. Right now I'm drinking green tea (while reading all these 103 bloglovin' posts I haven't seen), eating chocolate & banana, so maybe after these snacks I will have energy to start study, I've to do so many things! Can't wait! *Sarcasm* Anyway, as I'm back I will try to make some real fashion/beauty/my photo posts. Stay tuned everyone! 

Beautiful Riga from another point of view. 


Day after good weekend. Monday. *Huh*

Hello everyone! My weekend was really good and enjoyable, so it's obvious that it was hard to get out of a bed this morning. Anyway, I will tell you about my weekend - Friday night I spent at home in my bed, because the're no better feeling than waking up without hangover!! Haha. Saturday morning I went to my math home teacher, after that I went home to get myself ready, met my best friend and we went to the capital city to do shopping and just have great time together. We had delicious dinner at Double Coffee - Rigatoni with chicken and pesto + I had just amazing caramel milkshake, damn it was so good! After our dinner we went to YoYo - frozen yogurt cafe. Twice. They just have amazingly tasty frozen yogurts. After our day together I met my aunt and stayed at her place. We had some drinks and watched a film, which was pretty boring but anyway we had really good time together. Next morning we to shopping mall Spice again, had a little shooping and then we went home. I really enjoyed all my time in shops - I saw so many Christmas gift ideas! These Christmas are going to good, because I'm going to be prepared for them! Even thought I don't like Christmas time at all, this time I just can't wait for giving presents to my loved ones.

I bought some clothes and finally heels - wedge ankle boots. Love them! And price was just too good to be real. I will wear them to the schools ball, as I'm not going to dress up too much this year they're going to be the best choice. I will posts some pictures soon, right now it's to dark to make good pictures. I wanted to show just these two things - planner for 2014 and amazing body butter with mango scent from The Body Shop. It was pretty expensive for just a body butter but it's worth the price and they don't try their products on animals, which is great!

Mango body butter from The Body Shop // Planner from Jāņa Rozes bookshop
How did you spend your weekend? Let me know!